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    Here is more upload info:

    I've got a list of free file storage sites from a forum and want to
    share it with you all.
    Here comes the list:
    Services that do NOT expire or only have inactivity limits
    http://www.sendover.com - 2GB
    7 Days Inactivity, unknown download limit
    http://www.megashares.com/ - 1.5GB MAY BE NWS!!
    25 Day Inactivity
    http://www.filefactory.com/ - 500MB OR 1.5GB
    500MB 15 Day inactivity limit
    1.5gb 7 days, 25downloads.
    http://www.mooload.com/ - 500MB
    Unlimited. May have inactivity limit.
    http://www.insightz.net/ - 500MB
    Unknown inactivity limit
    All files allowed (except scripts)
    http://www.zupload.com/ - 500MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.uploading.com/ - 500MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.cyberupload.com/ - 500MB
    7 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.bigupload.com/ - 300MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.rapidupload.com/ - 300MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://app02.bonpoo.com/ - 250MB
    Unsure about file life.
    http://www.megaupload.com/ - 250MB
    30 Days inactivity limit.
    http://www.xtrafile.com/ - 250MB
    15 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://bigfileupload.com/ - 100MB
    Possibly Unlimited
    http://www.theupload.com/ - 100MB
    90 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.quickdump.com/ - 100MB
    Multiple file option. Download may be unavailable at times.
    http://www.zshare.net/ - 100MB
    10 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.storeandserve.com/ - 100MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.mysharebox.com/ - 100MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    http://www.easy-sharing.com/ - 75MB
    One Month Inactivity Limit
    http://www.savefile.com/index.php?id=upload - 60MB
    Deleted after 14 days of inactivity.
    http://www.filehd.com/ - 60 files at a time 60MB each
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    Multiple File Option
    http://www.uploadsend.com/ - 50MB
    30 Day Inactivity Limit
    No File Restrictions
    http://www.uploadfront.com/ - 50MB
    30 Day Inactivity (?)
    http://www.rapidshare.de - 50MB
    14 day inactivity limit
    http://www.momoshare.com/ - 50MB
    30 Days Inactivity Limit

    Services with UNKNOWN expirations
    http://www.upload.sc/ - 100MB
    No wait time
    http://www.turboupload.com/ - 70MB
    http://www.uploadhut.com/ - 50MB
    http://www.ushareit.com/ - 50MB

    Services that DO expire
    http://www.sendspace.com/ - 1.2GB
    100GB Bandwidth or 14 days inactive.
    http://yousendit.com - 1GB
    25 Downloads or one week expiration
    http://www.transferbigfiles.com/Default.aspx - 1GB
    5 Days or 20 Downloads
    http://www.spread-it.com/ - 500MB
    14 Days limit
    http://www.snaggys.com/ - 500MB
    999 Download or 15 Days
    http://www.sharebigfile.com/ - 250MB
    21 Days Limit

    Services that require registration
    http://shinyfeet.com/ - NO LIMIT
    No limits as far as I can tell
    Features image gallery (kind of like photobucket)
    http://www.sendthisfilecom/register.jsp - 2GB
    3-day and 3 download limit.
    http://freespace.filefront.com/1 - 1GB
    Unknown transfer limit
    Policies warns against uploading anything copyrighted but usually
    hosts it anyway.
    http://fileupyours.com/ - 200MB
    Files do NOT expire

    I hope this helps.


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    I was cluttering one more post again, so I tried to reorganize things a bit. I didn't test all of these services, and most of the time I just looked for info about their free, public or anonymous features.


    Megashares - http://www.megashares.com - 10 gb
    Standard upload lets you host up to 1.5 gb per file. Custom upload (requires java) lets you host up to 10 gb, multiple files upload, select folders to upload and offers support for upload resume. You're only allowed to download 250 mb for each 2 hours, and after this time has passed you have to renew your download passport (I'm not very sure of this). Files expire after 25 days. You can choose to make your files searchable on their site (public). Offers remote upload.

    Flyupload - http://www.flyupload.com/ - 2 gb
    Files expire after 60 days of inactivity.

    SharedZilla - http://sharedzilla.com/en/ - 1 gb
    FTP upload option. It was informed a long time ago in their forums that they kept files for 30 days of inactivity, but I don't know how it is now...

    Transfer Big Files -- http://www.transferbigfiles.com/ - 1 gb
    You can upload til 5 files, the limit is 1 gb per file. Lasts for 5 days or 30 days if you register an account and use their new DropZone upload and file manager (which seems buggy, judging from the complaints in their blog).

    GigeShare - http://www.gigeshare.com/ - merged with yaStorage
    yaStorage - http://www.yastorage.com/ - 1 gb
    1 gb per file, 30 days of inactivity. Download link is veeery hard to find...

    Badongo - http://www.badongo.com/ - 1 gb
    File expires after 50 days of inactivity if you're not a member, and after 90 days if you're a free account member. You can classify your file as suited for minors or not. Free account lets you organize files in folders, upload multiple files at once and have a personal url like "username.badongo.com" where people can access all your files. They split files bigger than 100 mb on their servers, and they provide their own file merger for such files - which means, they don't really store 1gb files intact. You can accumulate points for downloads in your free account and purchase a temporary premium account.

    Up-file.com - http://up-file.com/ - 1 gb
    You can make your files public or not and you have to cathegorize your file with tags. Mess a bit the filenames. If you sign up, you can use FTP to upload. Lately all their downloads links redirect to Friendly Files, which asks you to use IE and requires an applet to download files...

    QuickSharing - http://www.quicksharing.com/ - 500 mb
    Files expire after 30 days of inactivity.

    aniUP - http://aniup.com/ - 500 mb
    Options of url upload and multiple file upload. Don't know how long files are kept stored in the anonymous upload. If you register, you can host 1 gb per file, and they expire after 30 days of inactivity.


    - 125 mb ~ 350 mb
    http://www.sharebig.com/ - 350 mb (used to host 1.5gb files), 7 days inactivity
    http://depositfiles.com/en/ - 300 mb, 30 days inactivity
    http://www.simpleupload.de/ - 300 mb, 30 days inactivity
    http://uploaded.to/ - 250 mb, 60 days inactivity
    http://www.bonpoo.com/ - 250 mb, 10 days inactivity
    http://www.file-hopper.com/ - 250 mb, 30 days inactivity
    http://www.filehosting.cc/ - 200 mb, 30 days inactivity

    - 100 mb
    http://mihd.net - 100 mb, and 150 for free accounts. Former bigfileupload.com, now seems to be merged with iFile.it.
    http://www.mediafire.com - 100 mb, files don't expire, but do get deleted by their admins quite often...
    http://www.jumbofile.com/ - 100 mb, 10 days inactivity
    http://www.mailbigfile.com/ - 100 mb, 3 downloads, 3 days (free account)
    http://turboupload.com/ - 100 mb, popular, went through some upgrades lately
    http://www.ftp.nu/ - 100 mb

    - 80 mb or less
    http://www.ohshare.com/ - 80 mb, 30 days inactivity
    http://www.sendmefile.com/ - 50 mb, 14 days inactivity
    http://www.snaggys.com/ - 30 mb, 50 mb if you create free account
    http://www.yourfilehost.com/ - 25 mb, 14 days inactivity
    http://www.upload2.net - 25 mb, 30 days inactivity
    http://www.momoshare.com/ - 10 mb (zip files only), 30 days inactivity

    Advantage of most of these services is that files aparently don't expire.

    Come2Store - http://www.come2store.com/
    Free and paid accounts. For free accounts, max filesize is 30 mb, total storage space is unlimited and files expire after 20 days of inactivity.

    Filecloud - http://www.filecloud.com
    25 mb limit for free accounts, 500 mb for paid accounts.

    Web-a-File - https://www.web-a-file.com
    40 mb storage for the free plan.

    Anywhere - http://www.anywhereenterprises.com
    50 mb storage for free account.

    Openomy - http://openomy.com/
    1 gb total storage, private or public sharing.

    Mofile - http://www.mofile.net/
    A bit confusing for me. I'll just say what I understood from their FAQ: free accounts can upload files only up to 50 mb. Files hosted in FileLocker last forever if you keep your account active for at least 30 days. Files hosted in ShareBox last only 3 days. They seem to offer resume for uploads.

    FileDEN - http://fileden.com/
    1 gb of personagel storage space, 50 mb maximum file size limit, 5 gb of monthly bandwidth.

    Orbitfiles - http://www.orbitfiles.com/
    6 gb total storage (on the free plan), upload 100 mb per file via web browser, or 1 gb per file if you use their uploader.

    Divshare - http://www.divshare.com/
    200 mb per file, 5 gb total storage and 50 gb bandwidth per month for free accounts. Files never expire. Folder sharing is a little odd, if you link to a file the guests will have access to all the other files inside the same folder. Options to password protect folders and to upload multiple files at once. Site offers audio and video stream along with the download option. If an account goes over the month bandwidht limit, all files become unaccessible until the next month.

    ADrive - http://adrive.com/
    2 gb per file and 50 gb total storage for free accounts. Files don't expire. As soon as you access the download link for a file, it will start downloading the file automatically, so it's almost like direct download.

    Diino - http://diino.com/
    2 gb total storage on free accounts, no size limit per file, no expiration period. You have to use their program to upload and manage your account, but people can access the files you share through a personal url like "username.diinoweb.com".

    These ones are what I call "community sharing filehosters", in which there are more advantages if you share with other users of the same service. They all have options for free and paid accounts, I'm just posting info about the free plans. I couldn't test them all, but I've seen some sharing groups using them.

    Box.net - http://box.net/
    Free accounts: 1 gb total storage, 10 mb per file, public and group sharing. You can create 14 days free trial accounts, but it's not clear if you can create a permanent free account, so if anyone wants one, just private message me and I'll send you an email invite.

    eSnips - http://esnips.com/
    Free accounts: 5 gb total storage, 100 mb per file (for zip and rar files, it's 50 mb), public and group sharing.

    Humyo - http://humyo.com/
    30 gb total storage (25 gb for video, music and photos and 5 gb for other file types) on free accounts. Aparently there's no size limit per file. Files get deleted if you don't log into your account for 90 days. Since the beginning of 2008 only users from Humyo can download content (guests can only have access via streaming, in case of video, audio and image files).

    Windows Live SkyDrive - http://skydrive.live.com/
    Microsoft / Live free hosting service. Maximum of 50 mb per file. Total storage offered is 5 GB. You can share publicly or with other MSN users.

    Some small info and updates about already known or popular services:

    Sendspace - http://www.sendspace.com
    Allows only 300 mb per file and keeps them for 7 days of inactivity. Offers multiple file upload feature (5 files at once). If you sign up for free, you earn points for each time your files are downloaded. After reaching a number of points, you get to test their paid service for free.

    Filefactory - http://www.filefactory.com
    Reduced file size allowed to 300 mb and keep files only for 7 days of inactivity. File fetching service seems not to be available anymore.

    YouSendIt - http://www.yousendit.com
    If you sign up for a free account, you can upload up to 100 mb per file, and they last for 7 days or 100 downloads. If you don't, I think the number of downloads or days decreases. You can get discout tickets to try a month of their other plans, or even sign-up for a trial period.

    Rapidshare - http://www.rapidshare.de or http://rapidshare.com/
    Rapidshare.de got back to offer free anonymous upload, file limit is 300 mb and file expires after 30 days of inactivity. There's no more free collector account. Rapidshare.com continues with 100 mb limit per file, still offers anonymous uploads, premium and free collector accounts, which just serve to collect download points so you can convert your free account into a 30-day trial premium for free. Features: multi-upload (10 files at once), remote upload, folder creation etc. Files expire after 90 days of inactivity on Rapidshare.com.

    Megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/
    Megarotic - hxxp://www.megarotic.com/
    Sexuploader renamed itself to Megarotic, so now we're sure they're Megaupload porn version. Both now host up to 500 mb and keep files for 90 days if you create a free account, and for 21 days if you upload anonymously. Megarotic says it deletes non-adult files.

    MediaMax - http://www.mediamax.com/ (former Streamload)
    Streamload became MediaMax and changed a lot of things in their service in the last years, but have turned quite unstable. Free accounts now have 25 gb total storage limit, are able to download or share 1 gb per month and the filesize limit that they can download or share is 10 mb. Paid accounts have these limits raised. Files and accounts don't expire.

    Services that seem to have died, or been suspended, or just been unavailable for a long time, or dunno...

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    Soujirou Okita
    I got it here while browsing for new file servers to abuse. It contains tips and hacks to go around YSI, Megaupload, and Rapidshare limits.


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    Found this one : www.hemenpaylas.com
    Up to 250 MB, don't know how many downloads, but it seems reliable.

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    I totally didnt know about this post well im just gonna add this in here too then ^^


    give u 2gib of space kno sure about its workings yet though

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    Bigupload link

    Max: 500 MB Deletion: 30 days (no activity)

    Verzend link

    Max: 1 GB Deletion: 7 days (no activity)
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    Filelodge now offers anonymous uploading for files up to 300 mb (no signup required)

    Links remain active for 7 days regardless of download count

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    Max size: 300MB

    Unlimited downloads

    Files only deleted after 45 days of inactivity.

    Membership (which is free) increases max upload to 1.5GB and deletion after 90 days of inactivity.

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    In case anyone didn't know ...

    From MediaFire
    MediaFire Beta Update

    January 29th, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    Last week marked the 3rd month of our very successful beta test. Thanks to the widespread adoption of our service and all of the great feedback from our users we’ve given the system a thorough test run and optimized a great deal of the distribution network for speed and reliability.

    Over the course of these first three months we have been testing the feasibility of offering an unlimited file size with our free service. In an effort to continue supporting the growing MediaFire user base and meet as many people’s needs as possible, we have decided to limit the maximum file size to 100MB. The total number of files and total storage space per account will remain unlimited. The 100mb upload limit will take effect immediately and on Monday, February 5th Monday, February 12th at 12:00 AM CST all files over 100MB currently on MediaFire will be removed from the hosting system. If you have any files hosted on MediaFire that exceed 100mb please take this opportunity to either delete them from your My Files page or download a copy before the removal date.

    We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and feedback during this beta and we’re confident that these changes will allow us to continue to offer the best free file hosting experience.

    Update: By popular request, we’re extending the deadline for downloading or removing files over 100MB another week to Monday, February 12th at 12:00AM CST.

    The MediaFire Team
    So basically, all links for materials that are over 100 MB will be removed by or around February 12.

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    I came across this as part of a internet accelerator. Thought it might be a option for sending files.
    It's called pando and its claims that you can send up to 1gb through e-mail or IMs. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. But it could be another alternative. It's also a free download.


    Update: works fairly well. But slow with anything less than broadband.
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