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  1. YuriYaoilover

    This will be my third year at the Anime Expo in LA and I thought that it would be nice to start a group where if others want to get to know each other and plan for the expo they could. I'm hoping to go for two days this year, the 1st and 2nd, and it would be nice to meet some fellow aarin members or even coordinate hotel sharing and such.

    I'm Elske and I'm 23 (will be 24 at the expo), I plan to go cosplay (though I haven't decided what I will go as yet). I picked up a second job just to save up this year to spend lots of money :P on yaoi, yuri, and anime
  2. stereopony

    This might be my first year going since it is undecided. I really want to go but don't know about the expenses unless someones going to cover the money for me right now.::crosses fingers:: I haven't bought the tickets yet and I'm hoping to buy them soon. I'll probably only stay for a day because of parents but I hope to use the time wisely, unless of course I get to distracted and stay in one place or get lost.*__*

    My name is Crystal and I don't want to give out my age, I might cosplay(depending on if I go).
  3. YuriYaoilover
    Hi Crystal Well, the price online is nearly the same price it will be at the expo maybe 10 dollars more at the gate. My first year my friend bought his ticket there, I can only say arrive early if you are coming the first day. I got lucky since I went last year they sent out a special offer for 2011 back in august or September (can't remember lol) for a 4day pass at only 45 bucks for returning attendees *does the happy dance*

    I spend most of my time in the merchandise hall XD spending to much money, lol. But this year I'm going to look at the schedule in advance and plan out my days Most likely the first day will be spent buying and browsing but the second day I want to attend some of the functions and events ^-^
  4. stereopony
    My friend says she's gonna go to the July ones so I might go to that day too(not stalking lol). She got her v.i.p. pass from her cousin, which she got some where online. I think I'll just play onsite.
    im totally going...although i cant afford to cosplay buuut i can wear a plain whit t-shirt and write UKE hahaha anyway its alot of money well the merchandise that is but very much worth it (2nd year going )
  6. YuriYaoilover

    thats a cool idea ^-^ yeah its best to save up for the actual event rather than spending on stuff before, I'm lucky to have a friend with good sewing abilities
  7. stereopony
    Your friends making your costume?! LUCKY!!
  8. stereopony
    Your friends making your costume?! LUCKY!!

    accidental double post, sorry.
  9. YuriYaoilover
    ^_^ I know! I don't think I could cosplay otherwise, its so expensive and than after you pay all that money what happens if it doesn't fit right or doesn't look as good as you thought it would.
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