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The Music

  1. chibidevil18
    I have noticed that the Final Fantasy series has one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard,the majestic beauty of each song makes it seem like it has a life of it's own.
  2. ahgreg
    Agreed. Let's all list our most favorite tracks from the games, using "Favorite Track", "Favorite Theme Song", "Overall Favorite OST" etc.

    I have lots of favorite tracks, but the ones that stand out most are "Empire's Theme" and "Eruyt Village" from FF12... it's so beautiful, serene, yet at the same time kind of sad.
    --> YouTube - Final Fantasy XII Music - Theme of the Empire
    --> YouTube - Final Fantasy XII Music - Eruyt Village

    Favorite theme song till now is still "Eyes on Me" from FF8.

    Overall favorite OST has got to be FF8. Suits my personal taste. FF10 was good but didn't have enough punch for me, FF12 was beautiful but again, nothing very memorable.
  3. Mellusia
    I concur. The music was absolutely fantastic in the FF games. Nobuo Uematsu did a fabulous job on the games he worked on. Also really enjoyed Masashi Hamauzu and Hitoshi Sakimoto's music in the FF games as well.

    I have several themes I could name, but really, I just loved them all. Even if I didn't find a few of them personally pleasing, they matched the over-all mood in the game when they played. Really, just great stuff.

    I'm also eagerly waiting for Yoko Shimomura's work in Versus. I love her Kingdom Hearts music, so I'm eager to hear what she does with a Final Fantasy game ^^
  4. Saralegui
    Jenova music from FFVII!! One of the best battle theme music I've heard so far :P And also the end theme song from FFXII (Eyes on Me was also very nice)
  5. 2nightsthenight
    Yes, it's an amazing soundtrack, and very different from most.
    The music itself is very impresing, I heard One Winged Angel
    on this concert I went to and I wanted to kill myself, to say nicely.
  6. ahgreg
    I also forgot to mention I really like FF8's opening theme: Liberi Fatali

    YouTube - Final Fantasy VIII Music - Liberi Fatali
  7. abandonwhisper
    I absolutely love FF7 and FF10 music, Nobuo Uetmatsu is a genious. The music brings tears to my eyes
    I can play Eyes on Me on the piano! My great achievement lol.
  8. Teruhi
    FFVII: "Aerith's theme", "Cloud smiles", "The promised Land" and "One winged angel" are so good!
  9. Makoborn
    Crisis Core has an amazing soundtrack; the metal ballads "No Honor Remains" and "Black Wing Unfurled" were simply amazing, as was the haunting violin piece, "True Motives."

    As far as the main series goes, IV, IX, and X had brilliant scores. And for that matter, has anyone listened to XIII's ost yet? It's amazing!

  10. Mellusia
    Omg, FFXIII's music is so awesome! I already put a couple of tracks on my PSP to listen to when I'm out (yes, I use my PSP for music ;D)

    Right now I'm really into the boss battle theme "Saber's Edge". It's just really enthralls me. I like the piano mixed with the horns and trumpets with the string music. There's one part after the 1:55 mark that really psyches me up.

    Damn it, I love gaming music ♥
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