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  1. Shanni
    agreed! FF has the best soundtracks for the game genre~ I once downloaded *Years Ago* the entire Final Fantasy OST...as in every game, movie...blaah everything.. it was HUUUGE I can't remember, but it was good =3... I think I found it on isohunt hmm~
  2. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    FF soundtracks have always been my "tranquilizer" whenever I feel down. The one I always play is Cloud Smiles. I love every one of the compositions. Also, the OverClocked remix versions and the ones done by Black Mages. Here are the few songs in my playlist that are more frequently played;

    FF3 - Memory of the Wind ~Legend of the Eternal Wind~
    FFIV - Tsuki no Akari (theme of Love) by Megumi Ida.
    FF7 - Holding thoughts in my head, Judgment Day, Aeris' theme.
    FF8 - Ami, Succession of Witches, Julia's solo piano Eyes on Me.
    FF9 - Song of Memories, Sacred grounds of Esto Gaza, Melodies of Life.
    FFX - Via Purifico piano version by Aki Kuroda, This is Your Story, To Zanarkand Tour de Japon orchestrated.
    FFX-2 - Memories of Light and Waves, Epilogue Reunion, 1000 words by Koda Kumi, the Zanarkand Ruins.
    FFVII Dirge of Cerberus - Redemption by Gackt.
    The Black Mages - JENOVA, Zeromus, Battle Scene (mixed of battle themes), Maybe I'm a Lion.
    FFXII - Eruyt Village by Hitoshi Sakamoto.
    FFXIII - Battle theme, Kimi ga iru kara by Sayuri Sugawara
    OverClocked mixes - Frozen Landscape (buried in snow) by Tweek, Every Story Begins with a Name (FFVII) by Big Giant Circles, Chasing the Storm(FF7: in search of the man in black) by Rellik.

    Don't know if these songs suit your taste but they are highly recommended! Probably the best out of the rest. XD (might have missed out a few good ones too).
  3. silvermaiden
    FF VII: Promised Land, Cloud Smiles
    FF VIII: Don't be Afraid, Premonition, Eyes on Me
    FF IX: Battle Theme, Sword of Doubt, Rose of May
    FF X & X-2: 1000 Words, Kuon
    FF XII: Kiss Me Goodbye
    FF XIII: My Hands, The Oath, Blinded by Light
    FF XIV: Answers
  4. kiruasama
    I'm in love with Nobuo uematsu, he is the god of music ! (I'll add Joe hisaishi after him...), FF music are awesome !
  5. chibineijie
    FF OSTs! I even made em as my university course dinner BGM during dean list prize giving ceremony!

    FFVIII : Balamb Garden, Ami
    FFX : Via Purifico, Thunder Plains, Rikku Theme
    FFXII : Theme of Empire, Phon Coast, FFXII Theme (majestic!), Time for Rest (my alarm clock)
    FFXIII : Blinded by Light

    I just love video games BGMs!!! ^0^
  6. onihidoi
    FF VII OST, FF VII ACC OST (Home - Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream, An OverClocked ReMix Album), FF VII DoC OST, FF VII CC OST;
    At Zanarkand (FFX)
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