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  1. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    Hello everyone ^^ Currently I'm working on FF8. You know, like getting the characters' full profile and get lots of screenshots while playing the game then make a very detailed story outline of this FF series. I'll share it all of you once i get them done.
  2. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    Here's a .rar file for pictures you see at the introduction. Those black and white ones with the "overture" bgm playing and names of staffs. B&W
    And this one is a few screenshots i took. Screenshots & ETC
  3. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Hehe, I love the Final Fantasy games XD (Hence my username, haha)

    Although I have to admit, the only Final Fantasy game I ever finished was VII long time ago. I got stuck in VIII (and I don't where I put my saving), and didn't bother to finish X since I watched my brother beat the game, haha. XD

    Chocobo GO!!
  4. Isan
    My fav is FF8 <3
  5. synnesai
    I only played FFVIII through xD and FX2 - er...working on X xD

    other than that...yeah! FF!!! xD I remember seeing the commercial for FFVIII on nickelodeon! xD ((I also remember seeing the commercial for kingdom hearts on nick...wow!))
  6. cherry
    Hi all!!!...

    Well, the very first FF I ever played was FFVII but, I never finished it...then I played FFVIII with the mega battle of 3 hours with Ultimecia...then I played FFX,FFX-2,FFXII and I'm expecting the FFXIII series...I wanna play FFXIII versus!!!!

    Ooohh I almost forgot!!..though it wasn't categorized as a FF game,forme it does...I also played dirge of cerberus with ultra sexy Vincent Valentine!!!
  7. orangewillow
    I love VII and VIII and have played VIIII, X, X-2, XII.. Oh and just got a couple of FF games for my DS. I learned my roman numerals from the Final Fantasy games.
  8. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    @orangewillow - Haha, it was the same for me and roman numerals. XD When I was in 5th grade, I switched Math classes, and they already learned it, and I had to figure things out for myself, luckily I had VII to refer to at the time. ^^;
  9. SunlilyQ
    I've been a FF player for a very, very, very long time. The first game I played was the very first for the orignial NES. And I've played every installment since then.

    Yea, I feel old. I'm not going to bother going over the earlier games, as not many people here other than me will probably remember them. But I think II, then VII, then XII are my favorites in the franchise.
  10. Isan
    Yeah I'm not quite as old as Sun but I've been an FF fan since back on SNES
    The others I liked besides VIII would be III, VII, X and XII~
    XI being the absolute worse of them all Doesn't even deserve to be called FF if you ask me
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