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  1. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
  2. Jurianne
    OMG that fanmade was pure love !!!! : still on speechless mode : It makes me wanna to play FF7 all over again !!! god !! It must be the music. it's all with the music !!! argggggg ... Thank you Anko for this great sharing !! ALL FF7 fans should see it and keep on having faith for a remake. I know I wanted one when I first heard the rumours. Then I lost hope. Now this made me want to revive all the emotion again. I'll be waiting for that "day" too.
  3. spirited_soul
    A remake of FFVII would be a dream come treu. After all I am replaying the original and it would be so natural to just play a PS3 version of this....Or even a playable version of ACC >.<
  4. kiruasama
    I want a remake of FFVII, I think this is the best FF (story and characters)
  5. Avinacode101
    Realistically, I don't want a remake of FFVII. It will not be as good as the original. Nobuo isn't going to come back to remake the entire soundtrack and the cheesy 90's dialogue will just not cut it in the 2010's. xD They'd have to change A LOT in order for it to be of the caliber Squeenix's current games are, but at the same time, who wants them to change FFVII? I wouldn't mind better dialogue and more character depth, but realistically, its not what people want and I don't want to shell out money for the same midi-quality music and cheesy 90's dialogue but with prettier graphics.

    What I really want is XIII Versus to come out already. x3 It promises to have the darker storyline that I appreciate and that I haven't really gotten since VII. x3
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