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  1. SunlilyQ
    Isan All the games I actually like from the fanchise, but I would add I and II.

    I agree. I've banished XI from my mind completely. I have no memories of the game nor do I think I want to remember that game. Atrocious.

    Eagerly awaiting the day that XIII is going to have relations with my PS3. My PS3 is a rpg virgin at the moment.
  2. Isan
    Mine wishes it was still an rpg virgin
    The awful things I put it through
    Hopefully FFXIII-versus is going to take all his bad memories away~
    Still not sure I'm going to be strong enough to stand the main chara being a girl for XIII But I'm thinking no Considering I never use any girls when I have that option since they all annoy me to hell
  3. SunlilyQ
    Poor Isan's PS3.

    I'm looking more forward to Versus as well. I don't think I'll mind a girl taking the lead, but man, that guy is insanely hot! I can see my first run through of this game is going to be long. I bet he's going to be hot when he dies.

    Me too! I tried to use none of the girls in my parties, unless I absolutely needed to. Out of all the female characters, I really did like Quistis and Yuna. I had an unhealthy obsession with Yuna for a while, but I got over it.
  4. Isan
    I think in all the FFs, the only girl I ever liked was Aeris
    And you know how that ended
  5. Kuroneko-sama
    Oh... I have found my mecca

    <---but is ashamed to say that FF 12 hasn't been played yet....Sun... soon I'll take your copy off your hands... if the offer still stands...
  6. SunlilyQ
    Oh my I forgot all about that, but yeah honey, it's yours ^^

    Still on another godawful business trip, but I'll let you know when I get home, so I can send it to ya ^^
  7. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    NEW --> GuardianForce screenshots (.rar file)

    Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining ^^
    @orangewillow - I agree, i learnt roman numerals too thanks to this game
  8. Blue_Star
    Thanks for making this group anko!!<3
  9. Kingdom_anime
    I cant remember the first time I ever played a FF game, but I do belive I started with FF: 7 and worked my way up from there...best one so far I think is 8. I dont no why, I jsut really like that one...
  10. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    NEW --> FF Tarot Cards
    --> FFX Characters - Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura
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