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Favourite Pairings

  1. Mellusia
    lulz, this is kind of moot point since I'm sure most people posted their fave pairings in the original main thread, but just for the sake of organization, whose you're favourite pairings in the FF games? xD

    Easily, my fave is Seifer/Squall from FFVIII and Zack/Cloud from FFVII.

    The tension between rivals is always spicy to a relationship, but there's also the fact that the two knew each other the longest than anyone else. Seifer's passionate attitude against Squall's more cool, stoical one is a nice contrast as well, and I suppose this is just more me being a yaoi fan, but I always find Squall to be the most emotional in the game when it had something to do with Seifer. And even though they were rivals, Squall opened up the most to Seifer (before the whole Rinoa thing, bleh ; sorry Squall/Rinoa fans >_>). So I think that there's hope for a more positive relationship here and not just the "hate each other so much they gotta screw", since, well, Squall doesn't actually hate Seifer *shrugs*

    For Zack and Cloud, these two are friends who shared a similar upbringing (small home towns) and it's obviously clear that the two got along very well for the two years they were in SOLDIER, and the of course the whole Zack-protecting-Cloud thing after they broke out of the lab and such, and you know, that other small thing, the, uh, ZACK DYING TO PROTECT CLOUD!!! Very emotional scene at the end of Crisis Core, but it definitely adds a lot more substance to Zack and Cloud's relationship beyond what we saw in the original FFVII game.

    I'm also into Auron/Tidus from FFX. I know, kind of iffy since I'm sure their relationship is more parental, but they knew other for so long, and the way we see it, Auron and Tidus weren't very close together, more like distant friends, with Auron having some authority as guardian over Tidus O.o

    And not very popular, but I'm rather fond of Seymour/Tidus as well, although most often it's the sadist in me enjoying the scenarios where poor Tidus get's raped by the guado >_<

    Although I have read a few, very nice consensual stories between them

    As well as fan pairings, I'm also fond of the more canonical heterosexual pairings. Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aerith for one, Zidane/Dagger from FFIX, Tidus/Yuna and Shuyin/Lenne as a nother from FFX and FFX-2. And although it's not canon, but I like Edgar/Terra from FFVI

    And so far, the only real yuri pairing I like is Aerith/Tifa. These two became close friends quickly and it's obvious that Tifa thinks fondly of Aerith well after she dies, so I think it's easy to build a pairing on that. If Rikku and Yuna from FFX weren't related, I would've made them a pairing easily, but cousins, sorry, not an incest fan >_<

    So how about you guys?
  2. mimi91chan
    Many pairings ^^
    I totally like Zack/Cloud They're both very hot and together it's just perfect.
    How about hero/rival relationships?
  3. Ragabash
    Zack/Cloud lover here ^^
  4. sacredmoon
    Hmm. I used to be only into Sephiroth x Cloud, Sephiroth x Vincent, and Seifer x Squall; but lately I have gotten more and more into Zack x Cloud, Irvine x Squall, Reno x Cloud, Rufus x Tseng, Rufus x Reno, Basch x Balthier, and others I cannot remember as of now.
  5. mimi91chan
    a lot of pairings
  6. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Since I'm a FF12 fan, my favorite pairings would have to be: Balthier x Anyone. ^^; I guess one thing I liked about 12 was that it didn't really feature any definite romantic pairings, so any of the characters could easily be paired up.
    (Actually, if I really had to pick, I'd say my weakness lies with Larsa x Penelo (I'm of the opinion that Larsa is not prepubescent, but rather short. ;P )and Balthier x Vaan. Er, and maybe Basch x Penelo.)

    I guess as far as FF7 goes, I'm pretty open too. But honestly, I'm not as fond of Cloud as most people seem to be, so most of my pairings don't really include him.. I like Rude x Reno (love the partner thing), and Vincent x Cid, and probably anything with Barrett in it, since he needs some love. ^^

    I like (but can never find any stories etc of) Delita x Ramza, from Tactics, or Anyone x Mustadio.

    I love Jecht x Auron, from FFX, but for the same reason I could probably do Auron x Tidus. All the other characters are up in the air. Tidus x Wakka, maybe?

    Phew, that was tiring. Did I miss anyone? ^^;
  7. megori
    My biggest FF fandom would be Cloud Strife/Zack Fair of FFVII. xD I'm not particularly sure why, but I just fawn all over them when I see pictures of them together.

    I'm also waiting for FFversusXIII to see if I have a favorite pairing in that too...xD All I know is, dude, I love that Noctis guy. He's definitely going to be a favorite...and surely someone else in the game will be a match for him too...for me anyway.
  8. JuBaggins
    SephxCloud, SeiferxSquall and DelitaxRamza. Don't care if I sound unoriginal, I just spent so many years of my life being a fangirl of these pairings. I probably will never be able to get rid of them. So yeah :P

    Also, I really can't wait to see the huge amount of fanworks and new pairings Dissidia will bring to us, with the release of the Eng version. Ya know, I always had this desire to see Seph and Kuja together.. *hides*
  9. Mellusia
    Ah! I forgot about Delita/Ramza from FFT >_<

    Such a complicated relationship. Friendship, hate, envy, yearning, so sad how it ends D=

    And let me finish my playthrough of FFIV for the DS, and I'll soon add Kain/Cecil to the list
  10. BloodyLove
    hmm, don't know so many, but I really love BlathierxBasch, RenoxCloud and SeiferxHayner
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