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Favourite Pairings

  1. ClearSnow
    FFVII: Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, Rufus/Reno
    FFVIII: Seifer/Squall. Total OTP.
    FFX: Tidus/Yuna, Auron/Braska
    FFXII: Basch/Balthier
    FFXIII: Snow/Hope, Fang/Vanille
    FFXIII-2: Caius/Noel
  2. fujiyoshi
    Angeal HewleyXZack Fair
    Zack FairXCloud Strife << fave pairing
    Threesome between previous owners of Buster Sword might be yummeh 8D
    SephirothXCloud Strife
    Noel KreissXHope Estheim
  3. kendrii
    Zack/Cloud is my fav. They are made for each other!
    Hope/Vanille is cute
    Sephiroth/anyone because he's a sex beast.
  4. UchihaRiddle
    Vincent/Cloud (why aren't there more of these? They are very similar in the sense that they have both lost someone important to them that turned them into emos) , Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Cloud and Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack those three together rock~!
  5. Avinacode101
    My favorite pairing is Sephiroth/Vincent. x3 FFVII is the only one I really ship people with though, surprisingly. xD And I'll ship characters from other games with Sephiroth. Lets see... to put it in list form...

    Sephiroth/Vincent = OTP
    Sephiroth/Tseng/Vincent (ahem...)
    Turks/Turks (in fact, if every single one of them could join a massive orgy, that'd be great)
    Sephiroth/Ansem (ahem...)
    Sephiroth/Sesshoumaru (er... not game, but uh... THERE IS SILVER HAIR. IT IS BEING SHIPPED)

    ...Fang/Vanille (I know, its a yaoi forum, but I ship them dammit!)
    One sided Tseng/Aerith (I think its cute that Tseng crushes on her...)
    Zack/Aerith (really because I think this bit of canon should be carved in stone, just in memory of Zack ;A; Anything for him)
  6. Terisutaen
    I adore Seymour x Auron, they're my OTP, I also like Seymour x Tidus.
  7. onihidoi
    Forever and Ever Zack/Cloud
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