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First FF ever played

  1. sacredmoon
    Hey all! I decided to post a new discussion to keep some conversations going! =D
    So anywho, I want to know your first FF ever played, and tell me if that game introduced you to the Final Fantasy world (sometimes people play several games before getting into a series).
    To be honest with you, my first Final Fantasy was FFX. That game was so much fun and different for me that I had to get the other games. It was my first RPG (or was it Chrono Cross? ). I remember watching the trailers for FF7, FF8, and FF9 but never got the chance to play because I didn't have a Playstation 1. When I got the PS2 for my 12th birthday I was able to buy FF8 and fall in love with Squall. I have yet to play FF7 because it is RARE TO FIND due to all the prequels and sequels that were made from it (aka VALUABLE GAME!). So my alternative fix was read the storyline, character profiles, and battle abilities from various websites. I can't find FF9 either.... nor FF6... :/
    So far, I have finished FF8, FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII. I am currently playing Tactics, and FFV on my Gameboy. Oh! And Dirge of Cerberus for my PS2.
  2. Mellusia
    My very first FF game was Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 that I borrowed from my cousin, and to this day I still love that game. While it wasn't one of the traditional FF games, the story was absolutely amazing and the characters were just so real. It was probably one of the few games I played that didn't have a textbook happy ending. Very dark, but just so full of substance. I especially loved the whole secret of St. Ajora

    But I didn't fully get it when I first played; it was later when I became more older did I understand all the stuff going >_<

    And yes, FFT definitely introduced me to the FF world. After that I got my hands on FF Anthology (FF5 and FF6) then VII, VIII, IX, X, Origins, X-2, Chronicles, XII, DoC, FFIII, and CC and somewhere in there I got my own copy of FFT :P
  3. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    My veryyyy first FF was FF8 demo version for PC. It actually comes in a collection CD containing FFVII demo and also the older instalments for SNES from FF: Mystic Quest to FFVI. Back then I was really curious about why everyone is talking bout FF, even my sister and I honestly have never seen a pic or poster of the game. (maybe I was oblivious) Until I saw the CD in a shop. My dad bought it for me without protest 'cause it's REALLY cheap.
    I went home, obviously I chose to play FF8 first. The demo FF8 starts from the SeeD graduation ballroom scene until the training centre. Finished the demo, wanted more. I couldn't play FFVII cause it was infected with virus. No wonder it's so cheap! So I went and bought FFVII for PS1. My sister called me stupid for buying such a boring game and told me that I should've bought FF8. She told me I'm gonna regret it and she said the game is all about soldiers and fighting only and I'd have to run around in a boring dark city(Midgar). It was really boring at first. Until I actually got out of Midgar! And finished the game! Uwaa I'm loving it even until today! Even my sister is liking it very much. Actually, FFVII is considered the real first FF game I played. They say the first FF game you played will stay as your favorite FF no matter you've played the newer and more EDGE FF game.
  4. Mazoku
    I am playing Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus! I love that game. I have beaten it twice already. Its the only Final Fantasy game that I truly enjoyed. I liked the two others that I played, but DOC was the best, in my oppinion. I have also played Final Fantasy Advnanced Tactics for game boy advance. That one was pretty good. Though, I think the storyline could have been better.
  5. loveusender
    my first final fantasy game was FF5 on gameboy on my pc, but i never finished it because i thoguht it was broing and then i saw my uncle playing FFX for palystation and got hooked on it and thought i would try my hadn and i love it even more to this day. i'm currently going though FFXII butt it on kind of a haitus since im doing classes, but i absoolutely love the series
  6. spirited_soul
    My first FF game was FFVII

    Yep I played this on my old PC when it had come out and I was wondering what was the big deal....that is until I actually played it. Brings back memories.^^
  7. Kuroneko-sama
    Its funny...for the last couple of days, I came to the realization that FF (specifically FF 7) has been the center of my obsession for ten years now... *give or take two years* that like half my life on this earth right there.

    But for the first FF game i played...it had to be FF8. from there I went backwards to 7...but o regret never buying it, now its so incredibly hard to find. But I vow to get myself a copy if it someday!

    From there I went on to play FFX and FF X-2 (which i hated). right now, I'm trying to get myself to play FF 12...but we'll see. For now my love will and always remain with FF 7
  8. Hisoki
    my very first FF game i played was.. dadadadaaaa Final Fantasy VII!!!

    when i played it at first it didnt really get to me so i played it for a few days and stoped. but then.. i started playing FF7 again and i got hooked in it.

    in all i have played FFI, FFII, FFVII, FFVII-Crisis Core, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, FF-Dirge of Cerberus, and i have the game FFXI but i never played it.

    i have the movies too. FF-The Spirit Within and FFVII-Advent children and they are awsome! (although was a little unhappy about spirit within)

    i also have seen the animes FF-the last order and... damn now i cant remember the name.. been so long since i saw it. well...

    rigth now im waiting for FFVII-Before Crisis for my psp.

    do i pass for an FF Fan? ^.^

    oh and by the way.. im new here! just joined the group! hi everyone! *waves*

  9. ahgreg
    Not counting the ripped versions of the first few Final Fantasys I played on the PC when I was a kid (because back then I had no idea what the heck I was doing... basically I remembered going around smashing crystals?????)

    My first FF game was Final Fantasy 8 in year 2000. Initially I was only playing the demo version of it, and INSTANTLY fell in love with it after watching the ballroom dance, plus Shiva & Leviathan woohooo!!!! Girl with whip! Hot emo guy (with scar, bonus+)! So I hampered after tons for people for the actual game, and actually got another friend to play it too. It was the best week of my life (at that period of time, duh), LOL

    2ND, Final Fantasy VII 2003. After word of mouth and online reviews that said FF7 is a "must-play", I bought the game and tried it out. At first I was like.... HELLO!?!?! CARTOONISH BLOCKISH GRAPHICS?????? WTH. But I guess it was really FF7 that set me off on the hungry and rather self-destructive quest for more FF games, merchandises and made me the broke person I am now (JUST RECEIVED MY CRISIS CORE ACTION FIGURES I ORDERED FROM EBAY!!!!! WONDERFUL!)

    Of course FF7 was also the game that killed me with Aerith's Death. I cried. LITERALLY CRIED IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING PC. That was emotional cuz I really like Aerith. When the game ended, I almost didn't want it to.

    Next down the long line is FFX in 2005. Another masterpiece. This is easily my favorite Final Fantasy because of the great story, character design/developement, interesting leveling system, LULU!!!!, beautiful music, and WONDERFUL (although sad) ENDING!!!!!!!!

    Afterwards was FFX-2 in 2006. Played this for 2 hours then threw it aside, disgusted at a "chick flick FF". Months later under the persuasion from a friend that this "chick flick" is actually quite good, I picked up the game again and was surprised that I actually liked it ^^ It also gave closure on the whole Tidus thing.

    After that was Dirge of Cerberus, which I loathed cuz I hate shooting games. Completed it anyway for the heck of it.

    Final Fantasy XII was next (the moment the Jap version was released I got it and played it halfway before dumping it to play the English one). I have very mixed feelings about this game. Love the character design, love the game system, love the open fields with no random encounter (very adventure feel). So-so on the music and voice-acting. ABSOLUTELY HATED THE LACK OF CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT AND POLITICAL PLOT. But surprisingly I've replayed it 3 times XDD cuz Basch x Gabranth x Balthier is HAWT =D

    Next on the list was of course Crisis Core and Dissidia. What to say? I <3 both these games. Crisis Core is a nice touch to the background stories of Zack and Aeris (nice little things like how Aeris got that ribbon on her head, etc).


    PS: Can't wait for FF versus 13. Noctis and his gang = HAWT. I foresee a foursome yaoi coming up ^^
  10. mitsukunixx
    The first one i played was FFVII
    Yes i havent played as many as you guys... but i wanna play FFVII. Squall
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