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First FF ever played

  1. cjk4993
    lets see…the first FF game I ever played was FF Tactics for PS1, and I loved it and still do I have played all of the FF games, one version or another at least. I am a huge fan of FF8 though, I like Squall as a hero, he is stoic and quiet but is very deep and multi-dimensional. But I think my fave FF character of all is Zack, he was so relatable for me, and Crisis Core made me totally fall for his charm
  2. Plunk
    The first one was
    FF 8 great GF system – at this stage you really needed skill to play the game well.

    I also played:
    FF 9 great storyline, really loved that the maincharacter had a tail. Vivi rules!! i miss this setup.
    FF tactics gameboy advance

    FF 10 was just perfect
    FF 10-2 the grit system.. not that great.. and the map with all the placess to go.. sadness
    FF 12 really loved this game, but it did not get the emotions running

    FF 13 beautiful, but the storyline is not nicely balanced. More like all big happenings..
    and the end phase is horrible.. still need to finish it..

    Now i also have FF3 on my Phone
  3. Eyre
    The first one was Tactics Advanced for the gba.
    Then I went backwards and played 6(gba), 4, 3 on the DS and 7 and 9 on the PS 1. Sadly I didn't quite managed to get into 8.

    My favourite character is Cecil in 4. I love his maturity and self-awareness,
    and favourite villans begin sephiroth and kefka^^
  4. UchihaRiddle
    FFVII it's still my favorite~!
  5. Avinacode101
    Dear gods. My first Final Fantasy was VI (though for the longest time I thought it was III xD). My friend literally shared it over AIM. The next one I played was VII, and it was the one that really got me into Final Fantasy as I know it.

    Played: I, II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, VIIoC, VII:CC, Dissidia

    Need to get my hands on: III, V, X-2, Dissidia 012, and VII:BC

    Please, for the love of gods, if you know where to get Before Crisis, I will love you forever.
  6. oblivionstouch
    The first FF game that I ever played was FF7 Crisis Core on PSP. Well, on the PSP i was just borrowing the game from my cousin so I got really hooked on something that wasn't mine. LOL. Sadly. So I went and watched all of the cut-scenes for the game. Yeah wow I cried like every day for 5 months because Zack. Sigh my poor child. Well after constantly rewatching the cut-scenes, I finally got the ISO file and the PSP emulator on my phone then played there. Of course I didn't just leave it there though. Nope. I went and found the PC version download for FF7 the original game and played that too. But from those two games, I was introduced to the FF world although I immediately skipped straight to FFXIII and all of its parts.
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