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First FF ever played

  1. Yaoifangirl333
    My first Final Fantasy I ever played was XIII. But it was actually Kingdom Hearts that got me into Final Fantasy. I was intrigued by the FF characters that were in it so I looked into the games, and XIII was the newest and came out on a console I had recently got (360) so I got it and beat it.

    Afterwards (this is early last year) I heard about how great Final Fantasy VII was supposed to be, so I wanted to try it. I played it in such a backwards order though! XD First I watched Advent Children. Then I played and beat Dirge of Cerberus. THEN I got the original Final Fantasy VII. Then I played and beat Crisis Core. Then I just had to get Advent Children Complete. Now I'm happy to say I'm all up to date and I'm completely in love with VII, I know it'll always be my favorite.

    After that I played and beat X, then X-2. I really loved X, making it my second fav FF, X-2 was....odd, but I enjoyed some of the scenes in it, especially the 'good ending' which is what I guess I played it for.

    Those are the only Final Fantasies I've played at the moment unfortunatly, the next on my list to play is FFVIII, Squall looks awsome, and 9 and 12 (12 I've heard so many mixed opinions I guess I'll just see for myself). And I'm so looking foward to Versus-XIII and XIII-2 which I hope will be better that XIII (was a good game, did have some flaws SE said they noticed tho, yay)
  2. Amhelol
    you may not believe me, but my first FF was FF 1! I was, let's say, 5 years old? my big bro had this Nintendo with this wierd game and I was bored and he said "wanna play?" so I tried it...it was difficult, but I somehow managed to pass the first 3 levels with my bro's help, then I played ff 2 and so on, I missed some of them, but I almost palyed every ff.....and my brother went all crazy when he discovered (I still wondering HOW he did it) that square enix was created (1st april 2003 I think) so I discovered FF thanks to big bro! thank you brothy!!
  3. slasheddream
    My first RPG ever was Final Fantasy VII and at 10 years old, I was immediately hooked. My brother, who was pretty much my idol at the time, told me that VIII wasn't as good, so I didn't play that after I was done with VII, but we got IX when it was released...
  4. o0Chipie0o
    Well, my first FF game was for my old game cube (and I will always love it!--the wii can't replace you! *.*) it was the first crystal chronicles... Maybe some people don't think it counts but it was fun to play and thanks to it I decided to give a chance to other sqeenix titles...
  5. ClearSnow
    My first Final Fantasy was X, and it's still my one of my favorite in the series. Auron <3

    Have played VII, Crisis Core, VIII, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2, and both Dissidias since. Saw Advent Children. I own Dawn of Souls, IV, and IX but haven't played them yet. I want to try VI sometime since I've heard through word of mouth that it's the best in the franchise.
  6. OnionKnight
    My first was VII, many years ago, it was actually like my second playstation game ever, it was around the time FFVIII had been released so i quickly played that as well.
    I pretty much played all Final Fantasy games in the main series, from I to XII, the Tactics games, Advent Children i bought as well.. i even watched Final Fantasy The Spirits Within! lol
    Havent played the dissidia games, even though i want to.
  7. shadowcross55
    My first Final Fantasy game is FF tactics from ps1, then after that a year or two i played FF tactics gameboy version. I guess those are the only FF's ive ever played. :/
  8. ShadowYinYang
    If Crystal Chronicles counts I think that was my first.

    If not, it was FF10.

    I'm still on my play-every-FF-game quest XD

    7, 8, 9, and 10 are out of the way.
    Working on 2, 3, 12, and 13.

    Need to obtain the others still>.<

    And if they count:
    -Beat Crystal Chronicles(with friends of course. That's the only way its fun lol)
    -In midst of Crystal Bearers(to be fair, there's no wii up where I am at the moment)
    -In midst of FF10-2
    -In midst of Dirge of Cerberus
    -I don't like Tactics...
    -Beat and replaying Crisis Core
    -Working on 100% completing Dissidia 012 though who knows how long that will take XD. At 100+ hours but doesn't look like I'll be completing anytime soon.
  9. kiruasama
    My first FF was FFVII (I lost count how many time I've played this game, it's my favorite)

    I'm totally addicted !

    I've played FFVII crisis core, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, Dissidias
    I want to play FF versus XIII with Noctis
  10. Anheru
    for me it was FF VII it was also my first RPG it was the best game i had ever played at that time and it still is to this day
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