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First FF ever played

  1. romanticaman
    the first FF I played was IX not only that but it was also my first RPG since I got into video games a bit later then my friends to I thoght it had lovable cast and also looked really whimsicle the next was FF VII then VI and the rest are all an awesome blur so far the only final fantasy game I havent played and completed is XIII but I'm getting it soon
  2. Riverwind
    My first was FFVII.

    It was something my dad was playing, and I wanted to try too. It was actually one of the first turn-based games I ever played, and it suckered me in.
    After that it was FFVIII which I remember being really happy about getting it. I played it for like ten hours in a row. *giggles*

    Then I took a break from FF cause I got more into the computer stuff. When FFX came, I bought it and liked it. Then I ofc had to get FFX-2, which was my favourite game till XII came out. Now I'm busy with that one.

    I'm sad to say I still don't own Crisis Core or Dirge of Cerberus (which I'm gonna have to get, just for the fact it's revolving around Vincent *drool*) The newest also seems cool, but I can't afford to buy the newest PS so... No Lightning for me.

    On a side note, does anyone happen to know where would be the best place to try to find all the very old FF games ? (I live in Finland) I'd like to have them all, if possible, but finding them is a real pain in the ass.
  3. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    @Riverwind - that makes you the 15th (if i'm not wrong) person posted here who played FFVII as your first FF game. I hadn't got my hands on CC or DoC too so you're not alone.
    Old FF games, by that do you mean the classic ones like FF mystic quest, FFIV? Well, I have them in ZNES pc version including FF Mystic Quest, FF4, FF6, and FF6 game files. It's very convenient to play with cuz you can pause and save the game anytime anywhere even when you're in a middle of a boss battle. I would send it to you if my school had not blocked off all the uploading sites like mediafire and the rest.
  4. bluelagoon
    my first was ff8, then ff7, ff9 and ff6
    i always wanted to get into ff1-5, but the old style graphics i can't stomach, lol
    ff10 onwards seem too much of a luxury for me, i don't own ps2-3 nor a kickass pc system, so...
  5. Jurianne

    Of course FF7 was also the game that killed me with Aerith's Death. I cried. LITERALLY CRIED IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING PC. That was emotional cuz I really like Aerith.
    Make it two with me. Just how can one be so emotionally involve during game-play? But no worries we're not alone on this ! ^-^"

    My first game was FF7. Then FF9, ...
  6. Lycanthia
    The first final fantasy game i played was FFXIII. My sister bought it because she thought it looked interesting, but she didn't like it. So she gave it to me instead, and I loved it as my first. Then I discovered the other games, FFX, FFVII, FFVII: Crisis Core and FFX-2. My top fave is FFVII.

    Next I thought of FFVIII or FFIX.
  7. Garnett

    Back then I was 12 and the idea of 3 bffs fighting in various costumes and powers looked cool to me. Didn't knew anything about the other FF's (saw some FFVIII cutscenes with a friend but that's it) till later when I finished, and got FFX which was the best thing ever!

    Not that FFX-2 is bad or anything, just that it shouldn't be part with FFX (both I see them as very different games).
    And I still love some of their outfits :P
  8. AsianBoy
    final fantasy 9
  9. drinia92
    First FF game ever played was at my uncles old house when I was like 7-8 (or maybe a little older I can't recall) and I played his NEW FF VII on his PS1. I remember being soo stressed about getting out of the Reactor because it only gave you ten minutes to get out and I wasn't really that good at the game. Good times tho...good times.

    Up til now though I've played FF1 (beat it), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, X-2 (beat it), 12, 13 (beat it), Dirge of cerberus (beat it), dissidia, dissidia 012, and crystal defenders. i hate tactics so i never really played those ones...but I guess i've played the whole series (with the exception of the online ones).
  10. Einaphetsm
    My first one, and the one I will always be devoted to, is FF8. I instantly felt in love with Squall. By now I have played that one more than fore times. After that I played FF9, FF7 and Dirge of Cerberus. Now I'm playing Crisis Core and I'm enchanted by it.
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