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First FF ever played

  1. sacredmoon
    *comes back many months later* Woohoo at all the replies! It was nice reading them. I noticed that everyone just about played FF7 as their first game, lol.
  2. mimi91chan
    Maybe that's because it's really popular? *only reason she could think of* I'm quiete addicted FF7, more than to other FF
  3. JuBaggins
    It was FF VII. I remember perfectly that what got me into the FF series was One Winged Angel XD. A friend of mine showed me the music and after hearing it I was like "WHERE THE **** IS THIS MUSIC FROM?! I LOVE IT!!". Then he told me it was the theme of a videogame villain (something that surprised me) and showed me a Seph's picture, and I was obviously very pleased with what I saw. 8D

    I decided to play FFVII because I wanted to learn more about this gorgeous villain with an epic theme song. It took me almost three whole months to beat FFVII, and well, I will never forget how moved I was by this game's story and deep meaning after completing it. The FFVII world and story was so magnificent for me back then, and in a sense it still is to this day.

    The second FF I played was IX. VII and IX still are my favorites to this day <3
  4. Seto
    First one was FFVII and I had to play it at a friend's place cause I didn't have a Playstation at the time.
  5. spirited_soul
    I am playing FFTactics and I am not a happy camper.... I may not be smart enough for this game

    I hope to get FF Dissidia soon^^
  6. yubaba
    FFVII, i've bought my PS1 only for playing this game...and i became addicted, now i'm collecting every games (missing some of them) with KH because of Squall, Claud, Sephiroth, etc... i wanted to have the same tatoo as Jecht !
  7. chibidevil18
    My first Final Fantasy game was VII. The graphics were crappy but I loved the gameplay.
  8. ZoeSazuma
    The first one I played was Final Fantasy VIII for the PS 1 that I stole from my brother when he wasn't looking, but then he sold it and I was sad.

    Up to date I hace played FFX, FFX-2, FFIII, and FFXII
  9. yunaeiko
    My first Final Fantasy game was FFIX...
    ...and to this day it is my absolute favorite!
    I like FFX second best, then FFXII, then FFVII...then the rest of them...
    ...but none of them come close to the love I have for FFIX.
    Playing that game got me into Final Fantasy, but also RGPs as a whole...
    ...I soon became a huge fan of Chrono Cross and other awesome games because of that.
    I'm sooooo glad I bought FFIX and tried it!
  10. Shinrei04
    My first Final Fantasy game was War of The Lions but I didnt get what was going on and to me the graphics sucked so I traded it in.

    The first one I completed was Final Fantasy 1. I'm trying to play them in order but I skipp FFII and went straight to FFIII. I just bought FFIV and Crisis Core yesterday.

    I have been wanting to get Final Fantasy 7 but there are so many parts to it I dont know where to go to get them all.
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