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First FF ever played

  1. ahgreg
    Squall is from FFVIII, mitsukuni not FFVII
  2. kuroiyuki
    oh oh, my first FF game would be ff8 and holy smokes it was epic (specially towards the end. that was like ) the beginning was boring though (lol) i mean...theyre at a school...and its not very engaging but after i passed that point, the rest was eye-explodingly AWESOME)

    then the next one would be FF9 (which i coincidentally found at a market. It was a really rare find lol) FF9 would probably be my favourite FF game and the most FUNNN. The music from that game was truly...wonderful. some got me teary eyed ^.^"

    the next one i played was ff7, after hearing how zOmg greatness it was. It WAS great but i keep hearing how epic and awesome it is...which made me think "oh boy >.> overrated") but ff7 is still a great game. now if only they'd make a remake >=O

    I,ve also played final fantasy tactics advance <== funn game but missions get repetitive and boring), ive played ff10...i didn't like it much (gawd the voice acting was horrific) ffx-2 WHICH I HORRIBLY REGRET PLAYING, ff12 <== this was alright though the plot was rubbish.

    oh sorry, i just realized ive been rambling nonsense. ill stop now :3
  3. mimi91chan
    My first FF was Mystic Quest (if it really belongs to the series) for the SNES. The story was a bit short and I was surprised how fast my HP grew every level. I wasn't used to it, since other RPG's I had played, like Lufia, didn't give so much HP each level
    I totally fell in love with the music from the game. Such good music for a SNES. I was totally happy when my brother had made me a CD with the game's music for my birthday

    I've played FF I & II Dawn of Souls, FFIV & FFV for the Gameboy and Crisis Core FFVII for the PSP. Since I don't have Playstation and Playstation 2, I can't play much more games Will search for a good Emulator and FF Roms, so I still can play the games. Nothing will keep me away from playing all FF games ever made

    Right now, I'm playing FFIII for the DS. I also have FFIV for the DS. That's the next one (even though I have played the ADvance version already)
  4. Vincentlover23
    Hmmm...... my very first FF install was....*big drumroll* FFX-2
    When I saw the commercial I was like .
    I fell in love with Gippal and his smexah spiky hair. Lol
    But my most favorite FF is between FF8 and FFVII: DoC (only 'cause Vincent is in it!!
  5. kyonQchie
    my first FF was FF VII crisis core, right now i'm still playing it,,, yeah,, i haven't finish it yet,, XP

    this game is really great,,, I already watch the end of this game on some site,,,
    my tears flow really hard like a squall,,, T.T it jus't won't stop,,,
    i feel pity for Cloud N zack,,, >.<

    hope my bandwith allow me to download some of other FF games,,,
  6. mimi91chan
    @ vincentlover23: Vincent is so cool, I adore him too ^^
    And I adore vampires too
  7. Graymaker
    My first FF game was VII. It was the first RPG I ever played, too. I had no idea such a genre of game existed! xD I was hooked instantly and after I played FF VII I went off searching for other RPGs to play. VII is still my favorite of the series and I'm loving the Compilation. <3 I hope they remake it for the PS3!
  8. Yoshiya
    The first one I ever watched was FFVII but the first one I ever played was FF Legends II for the Gameboy, I thought it was fun so I wanted to play more FF's after that =3.

    My favorite Final Fantasies are probably FF IX, FF VI, FF V, FF Tactics.
  9. bbopalunaa
    I think VII was my first. The only reason I bought it was because I fell in love with Cloud through playing Kingdom Hearts. Then came X which totally got me obsessed with the franchise.

    Speaking of VII, I don't think I ever finished it... >.> <.<
  10. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Final Fantasy Tactics, for the PS1. And it's still the best!
    (Okay, I lied. I like 12 the best, but I mean, c'mon, it's practically a sequel, what with the music and all.)

    The one FF I just can't get into is 8. I'm sorry. I just... can't do it. Don't like the battle system much... I much prefer 9 to 8.
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