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So, anyone else can't wait for Dissidia 012?

  1. Garnett
    I know I can't!
    and with all this new characters being added (including Laguna! ) it's gonna be so awsome!

    What you guys think? are you planning on getting it?
  2. ladykazu
    I already pre-ordered it. I can't wait to get it. I can't stop watching the videos. I adore Kain right now.
  3. spirited_soul
    It's a shame they didn't think to put Zack in Duodecim even as a DLC character

    I'll still buy it when I can though.
  4. twigzchan
    i have it on pre order as well cant wait
  5. twigzchan
    they should have a boss battle between aeris and sephiroth lol
  6. Yaoifangirl333
    Anyone mind telling me, do you think it's necessary to play the first Dissidia before 012? I want to get them both anyway, but I can only do it one and at a time, and both I heard were great, I've already scene many of it's scenes. So think it's better to play the first or does it not matter? Appreciate it ^^
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