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New members introduction

  1. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    Hello to all members old and new. I'm creating this thread for new members to introduce themselves and we get the chance to properly welcome them. I noticed that there are some who remained invisible right after joining.

    So come and introduce yourselves! Share with us about how did you come to know FF and the reason why you love this game as much as we do!
  2. Lycanthia
    Konnichi wa. I joined just now and hope to make many friends. Doozo yoroshiku.
  3. xShyness
    Hi there just joined, and thought would be nice to stress ya all here too.
  4. genkiniji
    Hello to both old and new members! I'm Hachi and I'm really happy to see a lot of FF fans here! *u*
  5. twigzchan
    Hey I'm twigz what's up?
  6. Amhelol
    hellooo!! I'm Amhelol, I just joined and I'm really happy to find new fans of FF!! ^u^
  7. lokoer
    Hi everybody, big FF7 fan here. Actually i joined for 7 really.
  8. Yaoifangirl333
    Hello all, I'm Valerie ^_^ I love many Final Fantasies, the VII Compilation will always be my favorite. I also played X which I really enjoyed, XIII, and X-2. I am playing VIII for the first time now, not that far yet though, and I really hope to play IX next I'm always thrilled to meet other FF fans, and I can talk about anything FF related day in and day out XD
  9. Yippy123
    Hi sexy peeps! I joined several months ago but haven't introduced myself, sorry ^^'

    I'm only familiar with a few Final Fantasy games like the ancient 4 which was re-released (is that a word?) onto ds, 7 which is amazing but loses some 'awesome points' for having pretty much out-of-date graphics, and 10 which is also amazing. In fact, any Final Fantasy game i manage to play is amazing
  10. slasheddream
    Hi everyone
    I lvoe Final Fantasy VII, IX, X and X-2. I also enjoyed all the Tactics ones and I played through VIII and I, though I didn't like those as much. ATM I'm trying VI. Oh, Crisis Core was also an amazing game. XII disappointed me. :/
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