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  1. xUnknowNobodyX
    Hi! I'm guilty of remaining invisible after joining, I signed up and just got overwhelmed with learning the forum and with school. Now I'm out for summer break and I'm in the buddy system so I hope to get to know the forums better and meet more gaming fans. My favorite FF has gotta be Crisis Core, along with FF12, FF10, FF13, and of course FF7 .

    Nice to meet everyone!

  2. MipTheHappy
    Hi! I joined up recently but I tend to lurk so I haven't got round to introducing myself until now.

    I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a long time, with my favourite games being FFVI, VII and VIII. Recently I picked up FFVII on Steam and, not having played it in almost 14 years, was blown away by just how good it is. It has reignited my love for the series as a whole. It seems I'm also in the process of becoming a total Rufus fangirl; Rufus/Reno (and Reno/Rufus) is my FF pairing of choice and I wish I could find more fan media of them... Well, enough about that.

    It's nice to meet you all!
  3. epicfallen
    Hi guys! I've been a bit of a lurker too up until now..
    I'm also a fan of the VII compilation. I've only played VII/Crisis Core and seen Advent Children, but I've been meaning to try some of the others...just a little unsure on where to go next ^^" Aaaand well yes I suppose you could call me a Sephiroth fangirl. Go on. No shame here
    Nice to meet you guys!
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