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Favourite FF moments?

  1. tightgrip
    I'm posting the links to the phantom train part in FFVI since it's one of my favourites in the game. ^_^

    Feel free to add other links to the fun/cool/most memorable parts in FF. ^^

    YouTube - Final Fantasy vi walkthrough part 11

    YouTube - Final Fantasy vi walkthrough part 12
  2. Beatrice-sama
    Ah wow...
    One of the biggest moments I loved was
    Crisis Core Final fantasy VII ending...

    Wow... I cried my eyes out as lame as it sounds. xD
    It was amazing.
    And the kiss scene in FFX. Yay YunaTidus. xD
  3. Makoborn


    ~Ascending Kefka's tower (VI)
    ~Sephiroth walking throught the flames at Niebelheim (VIIComp)
    ~Seph's attack on Shinra building (VII)
    ~Aerith's death (VII - a must have moment )
    ~Hearing One Winged Angel for the first time (VII)
    ~"A good son would have known..." (Advent Children)
    ~CloudvsSeph (Advent Children Complete)
    ~Summoning Eden for the first time (VIII)
    ~End of disk 1 (IX)
    ~summoning Alexander/intro of Invincible (IX)
    ~Zidane's solo walk in Terra (IX)
    ~Ending (IX)
    ~Opening (X)
    ~The sending (X)
    ~assault on Bevelle (X)
    ~End fights/ending (X)
    ~Last fight (X-2)
    ...and who could forget...

  4. GravityBlessing
    I also go for the FFVII Crisis Core ending... Why did he have to die? Wouldn't it be better if he was alive!? Zack, why did you have to go...
    But! Crossdressing Cloud (who wore even the ladies underwear even though he basically did not need it) is one of my fave moments. It looked pretty weird on FFVII PS1 graphics though...
    And lastly, the scene in FF: Dissidia where Firion talks to Cloud about the rose and their dreams... Firion/Cloud <3
  5. Teruhi
    Crisis Core ending of course (suprise?) Why Zack, why?! Why did they kill him?! So wrong...
    I also liked ACC scene when Zack comes back to help Cloud. It was so amazing...
    In Crisis Core has some other scenes I liked, especially Zack's last fight.
  6. spirited_soul
    • I agree that the ending sequence for Crisis Core is my fave and worst FF moment. I cried and then refused to save the game. Poor Zack *sniff* I was doing so well until the cutscenes took over. The DMW failing had me bawling
    • I also loved the Ms. Cloud sequence in FFVII. In Dissidia Cloud gets to equip his Ms. Cloud outfit as well. ^^
    • So I had no idea what was the time period for CC and when Cloud and Zack met I was jumping up and down and acting silly...... I missed most of their dialogue.
    • There is also the DMW scene when Cloud accepts Zack's offer to go on a date with him.
    • Oh and in Crisis Core when Angeal picks up Zack and flies him off.
    • So I cannot hide the fact that I love Zack and Cloud and esp. Zack/Cloud
    • Balthier declaring himself the leading man in FFXII I <3 <3 Balthier!!
    • I loved the whole of ACC esp. the fight scene between Seph and Cloud....
    • FFIX- When I realised that Kuja was male AND that he had a tail. I was like WTF!!?? Where was he hiding that?
  7. LovelessChris
    It's hard to think of all the moments I like.. somebody pointed out parts I love too, now what came to my mind is in FFVII, during Cloud and Aeris' date, while plays "Interrupted by fireworks" and you know what's going to happen soon..
  8. sbttw2003
    Vaan in Euryt Village: I was wondering what Jote said you know? About how you said the same thing 50 yrs ago...........Uh how old were you again??

    Balthier in Bahamut: Princess, no need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man. He never dies.

    Balthier in Bahamut: Do I have to do everything around here.

    Fran in Bahamut in the arms of Balthier: I hate to say your more of a.........supporting role.
    Balthier: Fran......please.

    Fran has the best line in the whole game when Jules in Archades tries to scam them. She doesn't actually say a word. She stares him down until he coughs out of nervousness. It's actually pretty well done. A bit of humor. You know, Fran's kind of scary.....

    no need for words

  9. Jurianne
    This particularly scene made me a fan of Final Fantasy so yup It was that much for me and as others mentioned too...

    Aerith's last prayer scene.

    Can I say how I bawled like a baby on that day? I was seriously depressed afterward for a few days and weren't able to continue the game for several months. Few months ago this year, I rewatched that same scene on youtube and talked about it and cried again .. hahaha .. I'm hopelesss on anything Aerith related matters I guess.

    Although Seph killed her, I just can't hate the dude. Haha. I'm twisted !
  10. Pain
    I also liked the Cloud cross-dressing sequence in Wallstreet. Aeris referred to Cloud as "one of those" people and he didn't even know what it implied. He can be pretty dense.

    I liked the endings of FFX. I teared up at the "tripping" scene and the scene where Yuna and Tidus were talking where she pushed him into the water. Both very touching scenes.

    I like anything Kefka/Cefka. LMAO. He's so freakin evil and equally funny that I can never hate him. Even his looks.

    ...and of course, seeing Zack Fair's demise. I bawled so hard even though I knew his story through FFVII in '97. What was especially sad about that ending was the fact that Cloud was so "special" in the head and was literally like a child, but his heart still understood the pain, and the fact that Zack was so damned admirable (and positive) to the end.
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