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Favourite FF moments?

  1. Amhelol
    the ending of crisis core! the saddest scene of a game I've ever seen!! I cried for days thinkin 'bout it! then I re-started the game, but I don't want to finish it 'cause of Zack's death!!
    I also like the ending of ff Dissidia, the battle of tifa vs. loz (ffVII ac) and the opnenig of ff XII
  2. Yaoifangirl333
    Gah there's just so many to choose from. My favorite has to be the scene where Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis all spar in the training room. I really loved sooo many scenes from Crisis Core, especially the ending...ya know, I know it was coming because I watched Advent Children and played the original FFVII first, so I really didn't think I'd be bothered by it. But I cried, seriously, throughout the whole credits. Just the way they did it, and I got so attatched to Zack throughout the whole game, and one of my fav scenes is also when the DMW starts vanishing, tho idk if I'd call it a scene, but yeah, it gave me such chills...

    Some of my other favorite scenes are...Yuna's sending in FFX, the good ending of FFX-2, the scene in FFXIII where the gang returns to Cocoon. Hmm, what else...I also absolutly loved the fire scene with Sephiroth, the scenes in CC where he's in the Jenova Reactor with Zack and Genesis, when Cloud crossdressed in VII and the free night at the Golden Saucer XD I'm not even gonna list scenes from Advent Children Complete cause I loved it all.

    I also liked the dance between Rinoa and Squall in VIII, though I'm not far in the game yet so I can't say what other scenes I liked in it
  3. ClearSnow
    FFVII: Cloud's cross-dressing scene. The end.
    Crisis Core's ending.
    FFVIII: All the summons. By far some of the best summoning scenes in the whole series. The Brothers (I love how the older one's jaw just DROPS when he loses at rock, paper, scissors), Doomtrain (I mean come on, whose idea was that. Hilarious), and Eden (Oh my god. I love killing really easy monsters with that thing. You can practically see the expression on their faces as you blast them with 9 trillion points of damage when they only have like 5 HP, and it goes something like this: DDD8) made me laugh out loud. Also all the parts where Seifer and Squall snipe at each other.
    FFX: This whole game was just gorgeous, especially Yuna's sending scene. And the ending... ;__;
    FFXII: Balthier. That is all.
    FFXIII: All the baby chocobo scenes. She's so cute! I like the scene where they storm Eden with their Eidolons too. It may be nothing but flashiness, but it still looks awesome! *__*
    The entirety of Dissidia (especially the scenes with Squall and Bartz. I love how Bartz is all like, "Have my precious chocobo feather!" and Squall's like, "WTF, it's dirty!") and Dissidia 012. I just love seeing all the different characters brought together to interact and kick butt.
  4. kiruasama
    Aerith, Zack ;_;
    this one is my favorite, why the voices are not in japanese in my psp ! Japanese seiyuu are the best, and the voice of Genesis is Gackt (yes I love gackt)

    FF7CC - Sephiroth VS Genesis (HQ) - YouTube
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