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FFXIII Japanese Release Date announced

  1. Mellusia
    A bit of old news, but to those who can play the Japanese games, FFXIII has been confirmed to be released December 17, 2009 for Japan ^^

    Of course I can only wait for the English version, but it was predicted for a while that it would be out April 2010, so keeping in mind this Japanese release date, that's a very short localization time, ain't it? Dissidia took at least 9 months to come to North America after Japane's release, but FFXIII might only need 4-5 monsth :O
  2. darkalchemist
    That'd be great if it only took so little time. (^-^) One can only hope tho... I'm waiting for the European release tho, the American versions always suck! (>O<) But I'll get to try the Japanese when it's realesed, thanks to a FF fanatic friend of mine! Yay! (^O^)
  3. tightgrip
    I do hope they won't serve us more sappy love stories...
    Since FFVII it's been fulled with fluffy b*******, when all we ask is action and a great story - not one more slimy het couple.
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