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T.O.P's New Hair Style

  1. XxRaixX
    So who has seen the new music video by GD & T.O.P- High High..
    Omg i just love his hair,i mean yea it was kinda weird at first by now it just makes him look sexier!!!GD is also so cute in this video too!!
  2. khoakhung
    First of all is this okay ? i call him hyung not oppa xDD
    and secondly i have admitted that any hair style Mr. T.O.P can rock
  3. Aeli
    i think he can pull anything off XD
  4. oblivionstouch
    I love TOP's hairstyle. It makes him look cute...no...SEXY! And the video is cool. OMG! GD's voice was like woahhhhh when I heard it. XD
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