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Akatsuki Rules

  1. dealla
    I'm a recent Akatsuki fan My favourite member is Deidara and fav pairing TobixDeidara. They all look great together. And those cloaks are just too cool for words
  2. blue_genjutsu
    I joined because I love Itachi and Deidara and I love reading fanfics that include some ItaDei in them. I think they look hot together and their personalities are funny together.
  3. yerisina
    I'm just totally obsessed with Naruto, so of course that includes Akatsuki.
  4. Nnoilalala
    I so wanted a group like this

    *squee* hidan X.D
  5. Prinst Angela
    Prinst Angela
    well actually at first I really love Akatsuki members. wow they R really cool.. sometimes I droll while watching them on anime and damn it... they r rarely show in it. so... I joint this Group!!
  6. Nnoilalala
    Priest~ yup, there's definitely drooling around.. and squealing and flailing and nosebleeds X.D

    Welcome to the group!

    and they definitly need to be shown more! DAMMIT ANIME PEOPLE!! I want Akatsuki fillers!!.. but no filler characters.. unless they're dying..
  7. ItachiRules
    Yes, welcome to all of u *hugs everyone*, i agree we need more Akatsuki in our lives.. at least a few fillers before they die
  8. amade0
    *reads title* *stares o.0* *joins! xD*
  9. YorumiAkihime
    Yeah, Akatsuki forever I am so obsessed with them (and especially Itachi) so when I was choosing my cell phone, I picked one in red anc black since they are Akatsuki colours
    And by the way - sorry for uploading those pics again... I am kinda persistent with them everywhere, ne?
  10. dealla
    @YorumiAkihime hush, don't apologize, I can stare at them all day!

    The Akatsuki colors are indeed very cool I'd like such a cloak myself! Or at least a bathrobe with clouds on it...
    EDIT: OMG, I didn't know they made those! Lol!
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