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Hottest sex scene?

  1. yummeyaoi23
    What was everyone's favorite sex scene throughout the whole manga or OVA?

    I personaly loved the ALL!
  2. kiix

    You get more of the emotional connection between the two characters in the manga and that in itself can be H.O.T. The love scene on the beach in Hawaii after Kato brings Iwaki to his sister's wedding and his dad freaks out on his ass and they end up doing the nasty in the palm trees is rather touching the heart strings. However the ovas are more porno-licious. I actually prefer the third act in Winter Cicada after *ahem* Iwaki decides to take that final step thereby clearing his guilt about being alive and he returns back into the man *double ahem* Kato loved.
  3. Jurianne
    Hottest ??? I cannot choose !!!
  4. Ayakaoru
    When it comes to sex, the two of them really know how to make things hot . Most memorable sex scene from the manga was the time when Iwaki-san got sick during Fuyu no Semi filming and Katou took him for a dinner of turtle stew in which after that Katou turned insatiable ...LOL
  5. Jurianne
    omg yea !!! that scene was smexy good !!! One amongst my favorite actually !!!!

    I also very much liked ( and still do ^-^'' ) their honeymoon night(s). Katou started gently. At some point, Iwaki-san took Katou-pendant ( love reference ) in his mouth. Then Katou took Iwaki more intensely. HOT stuff !!! In such scene, Iwaki is the bestest uke ever !!! His eyes were so alluring. Just as a reader I melted. Imagine Katou hahaha ....
  6. yummeyaoi23
    You guys hove chosen really hot scenes I almost forgot some 0.0 shame on me now I need to go read it again cuz reading these comments has made me miss it haha
  7. WarriorOmen
    The Wedding Night is always one of my favourites. it`s just so good! But all of they're sex scenes are melt worthy really. Youka really knows what she's doing.
  8. junjouyaoiluver
    i don't have a fave i think they are all wonderful and nosebleed worthy(lol XD)
  9. ScarletLace
    I've always liked it when Iwaki would top Kato, though I agree with everyone in saying all their sex scenes were hot. There was just something about Kato so openly giving up his role as top- which he never had a problem with- that endears me to those rare times. I wish Iwaki would have topped more...
  10. Laddidy
    Oh my gosh, all these posts are giving me a nosebleed. I read Haru wo Daite Ita so long ago I've forgotten a lot and therefore couldnt remember my favorite sex scene, though I DO remember they were all steamy. Lets say you guys have . . . inspired me to reread the series.
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