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  1. Cteel
    As I sit at this keyboard,..and stare at my screen.
    My eyes start to blurr,..then I feel myself lean.
    I click on some yaoi,..my kitteh gently meowing.

    I sit back and read,...as my dad stops and stares.

    His coffee cup falls, then hits the stairs,...
    His face turns green, his ears turn red.
    Looks like steam coming right out of his head!

    I yank out the cord and try and look bored.

    Telling a tale of some link from a tink.
    That turned out quite a kink.

    My dad shuddered and breathed.
    He smiled then said with a wink.

    "Don't worry honey, not even a peep."
    "At least you're not as bad as your mommy!"

    yeah I know it probably sucks, not to mention I dont even have a dad. But hey! I was bored and wanted to do something random
    So here is Derp-etry! Poetry that has no particular meaning or even decent structure or rhyme.
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