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  1. vessto
    I just wanted to share the two places which I visit to read and see Ai No Kusabi fanfiction and fanpix:

    In ainokusabi.net fanfic I like most Wasteland by Becca Abbott from the long stories. Somekinda a spoiler, highlight to read:
    You could see Isaon raped and also Raoul/Guy The most of the oneshots are also great.


    My most fav from fanfiction.net is Second Chance, it is in 5 chapters.
  2. Blind_Kira
    cool, 10x be sure to share more if you find more cool places
  3. Grawsparrv

    Let me recomend this site:

    Adult Content Notice

    It's one of the very best of fanfiction there is. I promise! You won't be dissapointed. The best of all is that ainzfern writes constantly and a lot! ;D
  4. Raincat
    try this place too : Ai no Kusabi Archive
    and this place is not bad too Works of Kira Takenouchi http://community.livejournal.com/ai_...74.html#cutid1
  5. jojo1038
    Can someone explain to me what happened with the 3rd installment of Taming Riki? I was in Japan so I missed all the news. Last I had heard she had went to god but then she decided that she had a bipolar episode. But it seems apparently she went back to God.
  6. Raincat
    Some fanfics, stories are placed in ANK world by Amber Yetter (Ambers79 ): ttp://www.yaoidesigns.com/mobile/boundaries_of_a_pet_and_master_6.html
  7. nanamie
    So I take it from the chapter, I'll call it that cause the original text version of Taming Riki seems more like a book. Yeah after the chapter titled Sir Riki the story just ends? if thats true and the entire project is going down the toilet thats kind of depressing.

    It got me hooked right away and it'd be a wate of talent just to let some give drama take hold of the Taming Riki work...
  8. murfeel
    i think kira's just about done with taming riki & master's hand, unfortunately. she turned to god, then returned claiming she was bipolar, then turned to god again, & most recently i heard rumors that she actually wants to take her business to japan (where its legal to sell fanfiction without getting sued 4 copyright infringement). so don't hold ur breath 4 anymore taming riki or anything like that (a real SHAME!) i wanna cry, cuz it was SO good!
  9. white_poem
    @murfeel : The Yaoi World Debacle Raythe Reign Blog
    That post summarizes what happened from the first meltdown until the most recent one.

    Btw, it's not legal to sell doujinshi/fanfiction in japan, the publishers just tolerate it. But if they decide to sue, they'll still win (read this news : Doraemon Doujinshi Accused of Infringing Copyright | ComiPress)
  10. sarah3161
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