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Remake is ON - 2012!

  1. digitalderelict
    looks like there's hope for us all to expect something in Jan 2012? latest discussion on Aarin here -


    let's hope this time it goes off w/o a hitch!

    and for those not aware, all the latest updates are also covered by Rhiannon on her blog here:

    Ai no Kusabi – Remake – 2012

    the previews, guys, the previews - go look: totally drool-worthy. (someone please scrape me off the floor, thanks)
  2. fujoshi101
    I can't wait to watch this shiz! I've been waiting for so long.
  3. digitalderelict
    links to the DVD previews courtesy of Rihannon's blog - Ai no Kusabi – Remake – 2012 (patience needed for all the images to load - it's worth it, trust me):

    enjoy ~
  4. Bancoran
    thats excellent really i loved the original!
  5. digitalderelict
    because Riha's closed down her blog until further notice, you can find the 1-4 Previews for the DVDs (previously posted on Riha's blog) via this link.

    Aarin posted the previews for us to enjoy and to thank Riha for all her hard work.

    first DVD release in a few more weeks - i can't wait...
  6. Shippou-chan
    You can already download 1st episode (chinese subs):
  7. tehKIRAyuki
    Anyone looking to buy it can order them from cdjapan.co.jp there is dvd, bluray, and collectors bluray. Both blurays are regions free and the dvd is region code 2. first press of vol. 1 (4 copies last i checked) is running out so hurry if you want a cute riki keychain. Mine shipped out today so they're quick to get stuff done.
  8. Blue-Jay
    Alright!!!! Currently dling the aarin version, can't really wait to watch it!
  9. BloodAngel
    I don't suppose anyone knows for sure yet how many episodes there will be now do they? I heard that (before it got 'cancelled') the plan was to do around 12-13. Any know if that's still the plan given time and funds permitting?
  10. tehKIRAyuki
    It was reduced to 4 sadly.
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