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..:: Ai no Kusabi ::..

  1. Lent
    Had to join this group, Iason & Riki forever!
  2. Blind_Kira
    Yeeesh !! xD Foreverrrr...
  3. Mifeman
    This is such a great story!!! And Iason voice *melts*
  4. Anai
    I love this story! In the novel and in the OAVs it's great but sad. Oh well happy endings are overrated
  5. makiyuki
    Tragic but in some way a "happy" ending. Iason what else can one say.
  6. noone
    i only like the ova... the novel (the first one, what i've read of it) while well-written, is not the same for me..
  7. Blind_Kira
    Well the OVA is indeed striking. The novel while does offer more details to the hall picture cannot surpass the OVA’s dramatic impact. I love each and every one of the “Ai no Kusabi” bits anyways… and I especially loved Hakucho’s fics on the topic. It’s rather frustrating that it should end… oh and Iason IS THE MAN!!
  8. noone
    lol i don't like either iason nor rikki. but i like the smex scenes a whole lot!... they really stick to mind!
  9. Mifeman
    @noone: you don't like iason ???!!! Nnnnnnnnoooooooo!!!! I mean.... Yyyyyeeeeeeeessssssss!!! You're not stealing him from me!!! Good, good, good

    Rikki sometimes annoys me a bit. He is too stubborn!!! How could he not understand iason was taking such huge risks for him? But iason... Oh my!!! What a guy... I wouldn't mind having he whispering in my ears at all

    The Ova is great. They really did a great job, transmitting the main story, but the novels... Well, the novels give you the exact comprehension of the world they both line in. For instance, In the OVA we know, iason shouldn't be with Rikki, but is only in the novels, that we fully comprehend, he is literally going against every rule and customs of their society by doing so. Only be reading the novel, do we understand how much iason wanted rikki, to a point he was risking everything he was to be with him.
  10. Hakucho
    I love Katze and Raoul, but I do like Riki and Iason too. Hope I am still allowed to stay. Thanks for the invitation.
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