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  1. Jokin
    wait...WAIT!!!! there is a manga??????????!!!!!!!!!!
  2. evilfrogger86
    Yep, so far there are three volumes out, I believe it only came out recently ^ ^
  3. Asami-seme
    evilfrogger86 it's not manga but novels :P
    there isn't any manga for AnK !!
  4. evilfrogger86
    That's what I meant lol~ Sorry ^ ^; I really need to start paying attention to what I write... *looks ashamed* I still haven't found time to read the first novel!
  5. Asami-seme
    i ordered the books on amazon and just recieved them ! book 4 will be released on november the 4th and the book 5 on march 11th. can't wait -o-
  6. foxhat
    GAHH! I have a plan to defeat this horrid waiting!
    1-steal a time machine
    2- jump ahead to all the release dates for AnK
    3- steal the books, rather than buy (since I've already stolen the time machine)
    4-jump back in time to the point when I stole the time machine and not steal it
    5- enjoy the smutty bliss of AnK

    ahhh it's flawless!..now...to find a time machine...
  7. evilfrogger86
    Lol, finding a time machine huh? *helps search* ^ ^
  8. bella28385
    Are the novels good? Better than the OVAs?
  9. Asami-seme
    the novels explain a lot more than the ovas. and there are a lot of sex scenes *o*
    i finally understood the ovas after reading the books.
  10. limitedfan
    Hi Asami-seme, Do the books explain why Iason found Riki to be so special to him or more about Iason's background and rise to the top man in Tanakara?
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