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  1. foxhat
    as far as I know, the Novel is not on this site. You'll have to buy it or try google searching for it. Sorry! ^_^
  2. sakurazero
    Does anyone know if the the novel has been translated into English at all?
  3. foxhat
    oh yes!!! The last volume is to be released this month, on the 22nd!!
    I think June is the publisher. They cost $8.95 US each, without tax and are about 200 pages long. They contain all original art from the first publication.

    I'm pretty sure you'd have to specially order them from the bookstore though, since it isn't in high demand and the likelihood of it being on the shelf is very low.

    Good luck!
  4. Shippou-chan

    You can order all books here:

    Amazon.co.uk: Ai no Kusabi: Books

    Amazon.com (USA):
    Amazon.com: Ai no Kusabi: Books
  5. Blue-Jay
    I can only see it until volume 6 in the Amazon.com links (which I've already found in the net, by the way). But I thought volume 7 was already translated? Or it hasn't been released yet?
  6. white_poem
    @Blue-Jay : Only volumes 1-6 have been released, but DMP/June already got the license for next volumes. They plan to release them around end of this year *crossfingers*
  7. Roedhunt
    Actually I have all 6 novels in the winrar format (scan of the book) that I had downloaded from a Hungarian site before they had removed it. However, I don't think that I would be allowed to post it...
  8. BloodAngel
    Hey all! Though I know release dates often change, just thought I'd give the heads up that amazon has put up Ai no Kusabi Vol 7 for pre-order, currently set for release on the 11th of September this year according to the site
  9. Roedhunt
    @BloodAngel Thanks for letting us know! I'd love to be one of the first buyers, but man it will drive me CRAZY wondering where and how soon it will get to me! Maybe that's the point though! Hahahaha!!!
  10. Angle1524
    I hope they change the art for the reprints. I'm going to rebuy all the novles. mine are a liitle worn and I really don't like the art. Iason and Riki look weird, and Riki dosen't look anything like his peronality. The new art is much better in my opinon. Has anyone seen the new art work for the novels?
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