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  1. Blind_Kira
    yeah, i wonder how the new Iason will strike me...hopefully he'll be 200% seme as he should be *nya nya*
    I hate reading somtg that isn't available in the whole for me, any story, anything. I hate the process of things, it's the results that catch my eye, the whole to study and love...you know? ... xD
  2. Shippou-chan
    The illustrations in the novels… I agree with you, foxhat, there are kind of ugly. If I would have seen the novel-illustrations only, I couldn’t imagine Iason as beautiful. And I couldn’t understand why Iason finds Riki attractive. But thanks to the OVA, I have different pictures in my head.

    Guy – I hated him in the OVA. But after reading the novel fanlation (years ago before the official translation books were released), I changed my mind. I understand his feelings much better now. Riki was his. His friend and pairing-partner. Riki left without a word, than came back and confessed, that he was another man’s boytoy for years. Wouldn’t we all be jealous? Guy is more than jealous and he is obsessed. Obsession is what makes people do strange things. History is full of examples were people killed their lovers because of jealousy or/and obsession. I don’t say, that I like Guy or what he did but I can understand his feelings.

    Older people: I remember this mafia-guy Iason has a conversation with. This man looks older. Maybe there are older people in the middle class? In the novel it’s said (if I remember it right), that there are also older people in the slums. Maybe Blondies can’t grow older because of their synthetic/simulated genes? Or it’s like in the SF movie “Logan’s Run“, where everyone who reaches the age of thirty has to die in a ritual killing. Maybe Jupiter expunge older Blondies because “old is not beautiful anymore”? Once I read a FF (I don’t remember the title), where older Blondies move to another city, far away from Jupiter’s reach. And there they may have (and have! *giggle*) relationships with eachother. Nice idea.
  3. Blind_Kira
    Amen to that last bit, Shippou-chan blondies having relationships with each other does sound highly tentalising. Maybe Jupiter recicled elder blondies, and then use their genetic material to make an even better specimen? Well it's quite intriguing, actually, it's that kind of story that always keeps me guessing about this or that. Good stories do that, right? They always keep you guessing about something, even long after you've read them for the first time.
  4. foxhat
    lol but older blondies wouldn't be nummy... sure, they are smexy when they are young studs, but can you imagine a wrinkly old faced Iason, hunched over with a cane and Raoul with fake teeth doing...stuff...???? *barfs*

    I'd like to think their synthetic bodies don't allow aging, and if Jupiter gets sick of them, (s)he can have their minds wiped clean like a computer and re-installs all the hardware (s)he wants... I think I recall Raoul talking about mind alterations.. so why isn't it possible? Their bodies could be essentially immortal and their minds erasable to suit Jupiter's needs. Yup... brilliant~
  5. Blind_Kira
    I'm making it official, I wanna be Jupiter xDDD
  6. Shippou-chan
    Raoul with fake teeth! *rofl* That's how I would imagine "real" human ppl.^_~ But I can imagine Blondies getting older in a non-ordinary-human way. There are some older male actors I find still attractive. Some more attractive in their older age than when they were young. So why shouldn't old Blondies still looking good too? I don't think Blondies need fake teeth, cane or wheelchair (thanks to the almighty genetic code). *lol* Maybe they get older in a smexy Blondie way.
  7. Shippou-chan
    Thanks, Kira... Now I have pictures in my mind how Jupiter recycle elder Blondies.
  8. foxhat
    This makes me wonder about Blondie youth... were they ever children? I want to assume so, yet I can't imagine it.

    but yes, maybe they do age in a smexy way.. like stubble! ohhh a Blondie with stubble~ and maybe even short hair slicked back? or is that too badass? I wouldn't mind a Blondie with short hair. damn it all this talk about Blondies is making my hungry for a blondie dessert bar.. like brownies, but not chocolate flavored..
  9. Qwertzu
    ah, all this talk about blondies just makes me wanna watch the ova again (about ten millionth time) and/or read the novels (again)

    btw, is it just me or has anybody else noticed that "Kiri" (Kirie if you will) is basically "Riki" with the order of syllables switched? I mean, there are references in the novel that Kirie is kind of same as my beloved Riki used to be before meeting Iason...

    my favourite scene from the novel (I have only read the first 4 volumes so far) is their second meeting when Riki jumps off the elevator and darts after Iason into the labyrinth... and that: "what are you going to do with me?"
    "what do you WANT me to do with you?"

    and my favourite quote: "would you mind not looking at me like you want to throw yourself on my throat? It makes me want to hear you cry out again..."
  10. alexpablok66688
    hello.... is this novel on this site?
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