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General discussion (first thread)

  1. Mousey
    Huzzah! <3

    I saw all of the other "series" groups, and well, Z&B definitely deserve their own group too. ;3;
  2. Blind_Kira
    Oh yes I so love Z&B...Nanjo is oh so hot xD
  3. Mifeman
    What can i say about this series? *sigh* It's one of my top 3 favorites of all time!!! I love it so much... And i adore minami ozaki artwork... She has a unique drawing style, with straight lines, almost no background. I think, with her, we either love it to death or hate it completely... There is no in between.
  4. CelticMist
    hi people!^^
  5. Mousey
    I love MO artwork as well, especially her older stuff from the late 80s and early 90s! Her art is one of the most unique styles around, for sure. I like her general emphasis on expressions and body posture more-so than backgrounds and stuff. :P
  6. ayami84
    it's my number one fav manga!! Because of Minami Ozaki, i found Yaoi *_*
    I really like the story a lot, and the artwork is soo different from other Mangakas, it is really amazing what she did (at least to me ) *loves Koji*
  7. MaverickTears
    yay i love this manga/ movies i even made videos for them any one care to see them
  8. Mifeman
    @MaverickTears: i do, i do!!! Show us, please
  9. CelticMist
    there are great AMV's on Sadomina's homepage, too.^^
    if you don't know it it's a must: http://www.zetsuai.at/zetsuai/zetsuai.htm
  10. MaverickTears
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