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Anything similar...?

  1. WaitingLane
    Does anyone have any recommendations of manga that is kind like Love Pistols?
    or something along the lines of ....

    "If you like Love Pistols you'll like...."

    it would be a big help!
  2. ManyVoices
    I haven't read anything that is similar but will remember this thread if I come across one. Please post if you find one outside here please. I LOVE Sex Pistols and have read it many times.
    I have the OVA on my MP3 player but it's to small to read the words
  3. WaitingLane
    Same here!! i will keep you posted if i hear anything!
  4. SuperElly
    it's kinda late in the game, but if u'r still interested I read monster petit panic by kanda neko which has some of the features of sex pistols, but not quite the same sexiness...still, I liked it
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