aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

You have stumbled upon the Unholy Republik of Ebvil. Only the chosen ones can enter the ebvil's den...

To join our Unholy Ebvil Republik you must be known by at least one of our ebvil republik citizens, and they must vouch for your worthy ebvilness xD.

All evil, ebil, any&all shades of demonesque are not only welcomed but desired here, we shall frolic and debauch till merry d00m ... *mwahaha*

The rules of the Unholy Republik of Ebvil are:

1. No drama. This is a place of d00m, destruction, merry molestation, kink and whatever else rocks your socks (as long as it's TOS acceptable), but please, no drama.

2. Do ebvil; do it more, do it better, do it harder, do it faster...exceed yourself and start all over again xD

3. Share your bish&prey with your ebvil brethren, then hunt for some more, we're a hungry crowd *licks fangs*

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