aarinfantasy's YAOI Collection

yay~ i'm first here~

  1. kanpai112
    hello minna~
    my aarin name is kanpai112, you guys may call me kanpai
    i love SID's song, especially USO and RAIN (OP of FMA Brotherhood)
    oh yeah, can i post some pictures or songs or video of SID here? does this against the rules?
  2. Psychedelia
    it'll be great since i'm kind of busy XD , though i downloaded a lot of SID's Pictures and videos etc.. i still dont have time to upload it all , as you see , its A LOT !
    feel free to add anything
    it'll be helping me a lot
  3. YoomiChanLuv
    I love those songs! I also love Cosmetic and Ranbu no Melody <3
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