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What type of semes get most Action?

  1. Jebus_10
    Jajajajja I Guees
  2. crazyforyou123
    i would go for him
    but thats just my messed up little mind
  3. Jebus_10
    Jejejejjeje LOL
  4. Ayamechan
    Hi minna-san
    I totally fall for the badboy or killer seme with well defined muscles who is brutal to other people (but kind and sweet towards his uke when they are alone) and with tight trousers where the outlines of his private parts are visible. Ahh my example is embarrassing...well it's Zabuza from Naruto although his trousers aren't that tight, hehe.
  5. minervahana
    I like them all! But the one I fall for head over heels every single time is . I can't help it something about them that just makes me melt.
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