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  1. Jebus_10
    Hohohohoho Let's see ur Taest for Anime
    Of course first my :P

    Ok I love Narutoo (Sasuke )
    Mmm Vampire Knight I love Zerroo OMG Jajajaj
    Fairy Tail Oooo Grayy Is Soo Hott LOL Breakk Me Withh Ur Ice
    Ore No Imouto I just Start to see it but I like it
    Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Sooo Cutee Usui Iss my Type
    Tsubasa Choronicles OOO They Are so Cute

    Jajajaj And that ones r Just a Bit of the ones I see
  2. Errorist
    i love naruto too!!!!!!
  3. crecre
    Ooo! I love Naruto too, but I'm more pulled to our hero. Lolz! Total Naruto groupie, but I love SasuxNaru pairings. I hate it when Naruto tops lol. *shakes head furiously* Naruto cannot be seme!!!

    Also I like Bleach (I go back and forth with that one. Sometimes I like and sometimes I don't )

    Kaichou wa Maid-sama I agree Usui is my type too.

    I like KHR. Totally in love with 20YL Lambo and 10YL Ryohei and Gokudera...shoot Yamamoto too...*squirmes uncomfortablly* I can't choose.

    Also Togainu no chi! I love Shiki!!! He's my present obsession. I can't get enough of the DJ's.
    hmmm...I could go on forever, so I'll stop there. *beams*
  4. Jebus_10
    Oooo I know righttt Narutoo must be always UKE i also agree with uu I hate itt andd u know The pic that i Hate the mostt r the ones that Sasuke is like a Kid and Naruto is like Sasukee That is not Naturral Narutoo Look cute like a blooond uke andd Sasuke OMG I cann die He is my first yaoi obseesion off all the timesss and timee Jajajaj LOL
  5. crecre
    Hahaha!! Finally someone agrees with me! *points at Jebus* total Sasuke groupie! I hate that him and Naruto are fighting. I wanted to cry when they had their little fight when Saskue left.

    Waaaaa! Don't die! Who's gonna swoon over the naruto DJ's with me lolz!

    Sasuke and Naruto should always be together, but that's just my opinon
  6. Jebus_10
    Yessss I knoww and OMG didi u see the last opening in the serie OMG allways that kind of scene like almost the perfect kiss With Naruto and Sasuke OMG I love Sasuke soo badd Ooo I love himm Soo Muchh That I **** With him Jajajajajajaj
  7. crecre
    omg!!! I love the new intro! Everytime I watch it I anticipate the kiss even though I know it's not coming. *sighs* I'm thoroghly disappointed everytime, but it's still so delicious. *swoon* I think Kishimoto does it on purpose just to make us go crazy. *nods*

    Hahaha! Jebus is ecchi! I love it!!!!
  8. Jebus_10
    Yess I knoe he iss Badd But maybe he love Yaoi and in the end they will end as a couplee Kiaaa Myy Yaoi perfect dreamm anime Jajajajajajaj If they become Couple I willl go crazy Jajajajajaj
  9. Jebus_10
    But they must bee I hate all the grils in the serie all of them are weakk They don't desserv neither Naruto or Sasuke Jajajaj
  10. crecre
    I completely agree!!! I hate Sakura the most! Hinata is ok because she's hopelessly devoted to Naruto and when he was fighting Pain she jumped in to help him, but Sakura didn't move at all and he was supposed to be her teammate!!! Arrggg!!! I really can't stand her!!!!

    I also didn't like that red-headed girl *can't remember her name* that was with Sasuke. She's so stupid! But at least she can help him heal up a little. But if I see her do another fake orgasm when Sasuke bites her...I'm going to flip. *grossed out*
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