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  1. Jebus_10
    Hi There, Thx For Enter to The Group, Let's Start With the Question Of the Million Who is Ur Favorite Seme, Tell Me xD Don't Bee Shy LOL Okk Firstt Mee Soo

    The Perfect Seme For me Is Sasuke - Naruto
    He is Hot and At the Right Size For me LOL He have muscles But not to Much Iss Cute and Have Nice Hairr LOL :casula:

    Soo Is ur Turn Tell me Who is U favorite Seme ~Jebus_10~
  2. Kadaj_chan

    *so much SasuNaru pics here *
    you know I like Sasuke reverse not a total seme...seke...
    for other couples I guess I like seke more than a having an ultimate seme too
    hmmm....I guess one of ppl who can not really be topped is Rido Kuran from Vampire Knight
  3. vampyuuki14
    My fav seme is Naruto
  4. Errorist
    hello everyone!!
    for me i guess its Nowaki!!!
  5. Jebus_10
    Omg Yess I know Sasukee is to Hott, Soo he must bee the Semee For Narutoo Always xD
  6. Xapphire
    Hi everyone! Ohhh my favorite...that one was hard but I would have to say Usagi-san from Junjou Romantica! It´s just the things he say and do, I melt everytime
  7. yunjaeforever
    hi ^^
    umm..for me the hottest seme has to be umeda from hana kimi IN THE MANGA..
  8. Jebus_10
    OMG anyone see Kaiwacho maid xD I lovee Usuii Ooo he is Hott Andd cuteee andd sooo manlyy
  9. Piecus
    I got invite but i am Seme xd
  10. Errorist

    no worries all is good!!
    oh yeah! welcome to the group!
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