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  1. Satomichan
    While most discussions revolve around this great topic of yaoi manga and anime, some general discussion amongst us would be fun. This is one of the few areas someone might understand enough of what is being talked about, OR help to understand what the younger folks are talking about without judging.

    2 days ago I had one of those 'I must be getting old' moments. I know my age is still reasonably young, but I still feel old often enough. I was driving down the road and a song came on the radio and my first thought was 'I wonder if my mom still has this on a 45, I should get it' ...shortly thereafter my thought was 'I wonder how many people in this day even know what a 45 even is'. Unless they are part of the indie group that seeks out music in that format, or have parents who listened to them while they were growing up, I doubt the younger generation has much of an idea.

    Anyway, my thought for the day.
  2. gollumsfriend
    Pffffffffft.........satomichan, I still actually HAVE a Def Leppard single on 45 here---I just came across it the other day, LOL. I dunno if I'm proud of that fact, or feel super old?! I don't even have a player to play it on if I wanted to, but can't bring myself to pitch it!

    I still have some old 33's in my closet (Def Leppard and Van Halen) that I also can't bring myself to get rid of.

    BUT......I can happily say that I never owned an 8-track!
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    The only records I ever had were Care Bear and Rainbow Brite records
  4. gollumsfriend
    LMAO at Artemis! But, you did technically have records.......and I have to say I give you kudos for admitting what they were of!
  5. Satomichan
    I loved Rainbow Brite! I had a doll.
    I have a handful of 33s of my own, several Prince and then Steppenwolf Live 2 Album set. My hubby has some indy records, but that is part of the album come back. Now, I have a handful of 45's. Conway Twitty single, Herb Albert single, Duran Duran, Kansas, Queen...etc.

    Anyone ever watch late night shows? I love Late Late with Craig Ferguson... he has one of his staff part of opening in a bondage getup which is so totally awesome... *goes to look for youtube video*
    YouTube - Craig Ferguson's WONDERFUL Night!
    YouTube - Craig Ferguson - Istanbul
    His show always has a random beginning, but I love the music ones the best. I also have the same collar that Chris the bondage guy has.
  6. gollumsfriend
    Rainbow brite records and dolls...... I swear I'm the only female I've ever known (at my age) that never owned a "doll" when they were a kid (I don't think my rub-a-dub-dolly I had when I was 5 exactly counts......or does it??? LOL)

    I didn't get my first real doll till I was in my 30's. I had to have the Lord of the RIngs "Barbie" collection. Legolas......Galadriel........Arwen and Aragorn combo set. I used to be a true LOTR collector--so, obviously they have never been taken out of their boxes and played with!
  7. Blue_Star
    *just turned 25 three days ago*
    I'm officially a geezer geek now!~
  8. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    WOohooo!!! Did you just join then? Welcome fellow geezer
  9. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Oh, and dabnabbit, I saw it was your b-day but forgot to wish you a happy birthday!!!

    Sowwy Did you have a good one?
  10. Satomichan
    Welcome Blue_Star!! Happy belated birthday as well.
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