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  1. Arigatomina
    @Fuji: Send the raw book to a third translator who hasn't read either version. Then compare all three. If hers duplicates any of the suspicious stuff in the 'stolen' one (and yours), then it might actually be a coincidence. There are only so many ways to translate "daijoubu" and anyone looking up compounds in the same dictionary/source is going to get the same results. If the book is full of complicated phrases, ones that could be worded lots of ways, then just have your third party do those sections. The idea is to use the third translation as proof that someone who has never seen your version wouldn't duplicate those parts by chance. Once you have proof, send it to the thief and scare her with the threat of smearing her name. At best she'll be humiliated and quit. If nothing else, you should be able to get the rest of the group to credit you. [I'm assuming it's the translator at fault and not the entire group.]

    If your translation was accurate then anyone who knows Japanese as well as you should produce a very similar translation. [/optimism]

    I don't think many people are going to care, though. No responses here in over two weeks? If your fellow scanlators don't care, you can't expect the mindless masses downloading your (and the bootleg) work to care. There isn't a Plagiarism Police for scanlations, is there? Sort of like with amvs. If you complain that your work was stolen all you get is a "you used the original artist's work without permission, so you have no right to complain about your work being used with the same disregard."
  2. Fuji
    Hey Arigatomina, the reason I was suspicious is because the errors I made were duplicated as well, and if it was stolen, it would have been stolen by the group leader who at one point had access to my rough translation through a friend of mine. I kinda got over it rather quickly, cuz like you said the fans won't really care. My "instant retribution" is simply that I made some stupid errors in the rough trans I did and they got copied over, so that scanlation sucks and is full of errors. :P
  3. Arigatomina
    @Fuji: I see. I was wondering how someone could have gotten a copy of the translation - unless you both scanlated the same book and theirs came after yours. I still say you should at least get credited for your work. Credit is the only reward you get out of this hobby. Unless the translation is so iffy you don't want your name attached to it. ^^;

    It's depressing you didn't get more responses here. Some of it can be blamed to the social groups being pretty much dead all the time. This is still something that should anger people. Fanfic writers get up in arms over plagiarism because they take the hobby seriously. I'd like scanlators to have the same group pride. ~_~
  4. Fuji
    Unless the translation is so iffy you don't want your name attached to it. ^^;

    Hit the nail on the spot. :P Actually I was originally asked to use my trans, but I refused because I'm particular about the quality that goes out in scanlation and they weren't able to give it. Then... they release it with a very suspicious translation. >_>

    I did go back about 2-3 months later and edit those errors out, so maybe one day I'll rescanlate the whole project. I translated it because I liked it after all. The current scanlation of it really sucks haha.
  5. Keita4ever
    Oh i am a freelancer editor and rarely translate ( learning jap so Translating is just a hobby). I have worked for most groups as I work based on if I like the manga / DJ or if I can get translation in return
  6. synnesai
    I join way back but I do believe I never said hello (or a single peep)

    So, uh, hi ^^ Synnesai here and I'm the co-founder of In You and I (KH/Square-Enix centric group).

    I'm learning/do:

    -Translating (rarely)

    =] so hi? xD I'm afraid our group has no idea what we're doing lol
  7. Jote
    I'm the founder of Our KHR Project (Hitman Reborn Scanlation Group).

    I typeset mostly or QC

    I'm searching a Japanese translator, just rought translation. o.o

    Contact me if any group would like to join project with us >_< or any freelancer translator is avaliable
  8. xryuchan6927
    minnasan! I'm the founder of Moi-xRyu Scanlations (KHR/182769 Scanlation Group).
    I mostly do editing/cleaning and typesetting jobs, so yeah~ Nice to be here

    eto... I was wondering if someone could help me translate a couple of Japanese KHR doujins...
    Please PM me if you're interested~~ Thnx
  9. lupinecomplex
    Hey there! I've only recently ventured into the world of scanlating, so I'm not very experience yet. I work as a proofreader for two groups currently, Sense-Scans and iMangaScans, but I'm learning to clean and typeset so I can help out more. I wish I could go for translating as well, but I can only read Chinese (not enough to be a translator) and not Japanese. :c ONE DAY THOUGH.........
  10. miershyk
    Woooo~ Let's revive this group! \o/

    Hallo all~~~ I'm the founder of Momocha Scans, a relatively new group doing BL, mostly shounen-ai and soft yaoi, and a few doujinshis... Hehehe~ I mainly do all the work a scanlator does, which includes translating, proofreading, editing and typesetting. Although I'm not exactly an experienced editor. *sobs* I also occasionally help as proofreader for Hoshikuzuu Scans. ^^
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