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Kusuri Uri Lovers!

  1. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Hehe, I almost overlooked this group!

    Kusuri Uri... I'm clueless, is that how they call him in Japanese? XD

    Medicine man for the win! <3 ....I want to tie him up, torture, and violate him.
  2. cherry
    You are not the only one blu chocobo!!!...I think we all want to do that XD...and yeah, kusuri=medicine, uri=seller...
  3. Tamaki
    Hey I made a Mononoke album in my usercp!
  4. onmyouji
    added 3 pics X3
  5. Tamaki
    ~dies after seeing the 3rd pic added~
  6. Tamaki
    Remember to vote for MS in SaiGar!!
  7. cherry

    Quote Originally Posted by Tamaki View Post
    Great news! ETC~ is scanlating the Mononoke manga!! Chap 1 is avaiable for ddl on their site. http://et-caetera.net/
    Don't miss it!!!!
  8. amade0
    hi all xD
    hehe i had to join xD
    i loved Ayakashi and watching Mononoke now ^^
  9. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Good news everyone

    There is officially a Mononoke Gallery! http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/galler...ry.php?cat=866

    Me and kriptonima have added lots of eye candy!
  10. amade0
    wahh sexy gallery 8D thanks for that xD
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