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discussing series 4 [SPOILERS!]

  1. rou

    i’m done


    and i’m still crying, i cannot understand what this series does to me, i cannot believe there were still tears left to shed, but there - and i’m so afraid it will never stop

    (spoiler to follow)

    e v e r y t h i n g h u r t s

    merthur, it so beautiful but it hurts… too much

    “take me with you, please”

    the hurt, the undying love, the g o o d b y e of two bounded souls fearing they would never see each other again

    “I should have saved him”

    i luv gwaine

    i luuuv gwaine/percival

    "i never knew you cared."

    the brave baby-rats fighting knights

    merlin & lancelot

    goddamit i never realised how much their bromance means to me (my merthur addciction always makes me blind for everything elese)


    their conversation, offering comfort for one another

    once you know what gonna happen it just hurts so much - their last talk!!

    “You don’t have to worry, I’ll keep him safe.”

    Dragon: From the moment I met you, I saw something that was invisible. Now it is there for all to see.
    Merlin: All that you see, old friend, is what you taught me.
    Dragon: It will be an empty world without you, young warlock.

    lancelot meet the dragon

    learning about the great destiny of his two friends

    “Something you care about, something that is more important than anything”

    the reunion

    “bad news”

    that face *dead*

    first reaction:


    but now, its is perfectly fine this way

    sure, it hurts, merlin getting hugged by everyone except by the one he wants/longs to hug the most and who needs/wants it the most in return

    but, for ****ing sake, they are still on a quest determined to sacrafise themselves for one another very soon, if they had given in and hugged at this moment with all those feeling betweeen them, how the hell would they have been able to continue

    stop, just stop please….

    the 99% reveal:

    what’s distance?

    its impossible that he hasn’t heard, hasn’t seen

    that he does n o t k n o w

    more merhtur:

    “Will you sacrifice yourself to save YOUR prince?”

    goddammit, do these writers even have any idea what they are doing to my lil, completely devastated fangirl heart?

    and just when you though there was no way that all this shit could get any worse…

    n o

    don’t do this to me

    don’t take him away

    not the only living soul in camelot besides gaius who knows

    who he can talk to

    who’s so noble and ****ing selfsacrafising, willing to give up on his destined love and serving the man, who owns this love, and his best friend with undying loyalty for the sake of their destiny

    its just not


    and i have no idea what to make out of this.

    yes, there are scenes of lance together with the rest of the knights we haven’t seen yet, and yes there’s that scene with gwen in the trailers.

    but i’m so, so afraid that his return will be *god i sound like uther now* the work of magic, probably dark magic, to infiltrate camelot, to destroy arthur’s realtionship with gwen (i wouldn’t mind that very much)

    and that he won’t be the same anymore. no more bromance with merlin and if it gets completely ****ed up: merlin will have to kill evil!lancelot to protect everyone…

    ok either i stop now or never watch another episode b’cos i’m to scared.

    so that’s it. i’m still crying everytime a come across a pic of this episode
  2. Nouche

    and i don´t know what to say about the end..
    i thought: WOW finally there´s someone who knows everything...and i had already a bad feelin as the dragon spoke about lancelot in that way ;_;
    don´t take that noble knight away, i thought he finally came back as a knight and stuff...and now..he´s gone again? o.O
    how can you guys do that? (poor actor *cough*)

    and rou you should make a shop out of your merlin gifs...
    they´re sooo amazing....
    they look like the awesomest signatures i ever saw of merlin
    mind sharing them? XDDD *grabs lancelot and runs*
    just kidding..but it´s really amazing if you did all this <3
    *huggls lancelot*
    *wants more*
    how could he walk so fast and no one could hear his armor clattering -.-
    couldn´t they just sacrifice...those things from the cave? XD

    i need the next episodes
  3. rou
    @ Nouche
    i voted for sacrificing that shitty old grannie, she was palnning to molest arthur!!!

    unfortunately, i didnt any of these gifs, just shamelessly borrored them from tumblr
    im trying to do some myself, but my photoshops is a b!tch today -.- (i so need a new sig honouring this ep, even if im going to cry everytime i see it)
  4. murasakishutin
    This is actually my first post, despite being a member here for more than month. Merlin <3!

    Great pictures guys, thank goodness for fanservice. XD

    Anyway, yey season 4. I think it was great 2 parter first episode, but I'm so torn at what happened with Lancelot! Really did not expect that. The part 2 was in my opinion better than the first part, mainly because I do love my drama. So many sad scenes in episode 2, right from the beginning all the way to the end. I'm just glad to have Merlin back on TV. Soooo goood.
  5. Nouche
    you didn´t make them? O.O
    then who do i stalk for the lancelot siggy? XDDD
    it looks so epic ._.

    and the granny would´ve been a good option too.. but i don´t think that she would´ve taken merlin...i don´t know why, but i think she knew that he has a greater destiny lying before him ^^
    well...at first i thought about uther..because he didn´t want that arthur leaves him alone @.@
    so take the old useless man, let him gain his senses back and sacrifices himself...but nooooo
    seems like that happens in the next episode XD

    and murasakishutin..you´re right
    YAY for fanservice XDDD
  6. rou
    @ Nouche
    the sig can be found here

    @ murasakishutin

    more spam!!

    such eys shouldnt be legal:

    (even if they are abit photoshoped)
  7. Sirix
    LANCELOT CANT BE DEAD!! He MUST RETURN!!! He's one of the Three!!! STRENGTH!!! Remember?!?! What that guy before said? Strength, Courage and Magic! All together they are the best!! They can't just take out one of the three!! Then it wouldn't be complete!!!!
  8. rou
    @ Sirix
    actually, gwaine is strengh
    but your damn right!!
  9. DangerousAngel
    OMG!!! Lancelot!!!! wow.... that took me by surprise, didn't expect that to happened, omg, the last 20 mins of the episode were so deep, Lancelot, the dragon, the reunion(screaming like crazy why Arthur doesn't hug Merlin already) then Lancelot again going in to the hole(the smile killed me) then Gwen telling Arthur that Lancelot did it for him , and @rou your speculations are really good but......now I'm like this:
  10. AsakuraHannah
    I'm still waiting for the DVD to come out here in my place LANCELOT ????
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