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So whose top? :D

  1. Mellusia
    When I ventured out to check out fanfiction, I was quite surprised to see an almost equal amount of Merlin/Arthur and Arthur/Merlin fanfiction, so I'm curious what people's preference is here on Aarinfantasy.

    Or how about making things easy and deciding that they would take turns or something? xD
  2. rou
    i dont mind the idea of taking turnes but i definitely prefer Arthur/Merlin
  3. MissNox
    I'm not sure Arthur would LET Merlin top, would he?
  4. YuriYaoilover
    Arthur is so top XD in my mind at least
  5. photogenetics
    Arthur is definitely a dominant in my opinion. He acts so pretentiously, and Merlin just sort of takes everything. I think it's because he secretly loves everything Arthur does and even when he's poking fun at him, he loves their moments. (I know I do)

    But I think it would be good if at least once Merlin took hold the reigns and put the prince in his place. (: btw, I'm new. You can call me photogenetics, or Ivy
  6. DangerousAngel
    I'll say that Arthur is the arrogant type seme but it's nice to imagine him getting topped by Merlin for once!
  7. KainWaffle
    Ohkay am I going to be weird yes I'm going to be weird okay.

    Here's the thing with this - Obviously, Arthur is of a more dominant nature than Merlin, considering that he's freaking king at all, but I have this ridiculously persistent headcanon that dictates that Arthur is very much a virgin (duh), while Merlin is not. Part of that headcanon also includes a lot of angry sexual situations in which Merlin pins Arthur the frig down on a bed and stuff happen.

    I'm just sayin' XD I can see Merlin in that situation. It seems very plausible to me that Arthur would have zero clue about what the hell to do.

    I very much preffer Arthur/Merlin, though.
  8. Tsubaki14
    I like them taking turns but I prefer Merlin/Arthur since it goes against the norm. It's true that Arthur is dominant in all he does so I like it better if he just surrenderto Merlin. Merlin is a all powerful warlock after ll. But either way I just love Merlin in any position
  9. Minxie
    I prefer Arthur to be on top, but I do like power bottom!Merlin on occasion. (:
  10. foodiie
    ^^^ haha omg I completely agree AHAHAH I love power merlin sometimes but it's gotta be in moderation :P
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