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Under Pressure

  1. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    I just turned 19, and will be going to college this fall, so I'm feeling really stressed out.
  2. kumakun
    I'm joining to support you...plus I'm getting older and my life is going no where fast..kinda pissed about it..its stressful and depressing when theres stuff you want to do but can't seem too...much sadness
  3. kumakun
    I'm getting depressed again..I haven't been feeling good and I don't have sleeping pills anymore I feel like I'm falling into nothing
  4. nemine

    hope you don't mind me joining ^.^

    ( and right now i feel stressed and pressured and depressed.. so i quess this really is a right place for me.. *sigh*)
  5. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    All are welcome nemine
  6. Oba Yozo
    Oba Yozo

    Pressure pushing down on me!
  7. Prinst Angela
    Prinst Angela
    well... Im not stress out.. not yet.. but maybe soon. so I join this group just for prevention. and... I would be happy to help one who need help. dont be shy, because maybe u will help me too someday
  8. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    Still feeling pretty depressed. All I do all day is lay around. I took a college assessment test and scored 80% on English and 80% in math. Even after the test, though, I still worry about failing in college.
  9. nemine
    yea i just lay around too or browse around internet.. no interest on anything really.. it scks.. and i should be studying... -___-;

    and i think that the feeling of failing is pretty normal even though you scored that much..
  10. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    I'm just so lazy and so motivationally challenged!
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