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Under Pressure

  1. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    College going okay...so far
  2. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    This place is probably going to disappear...oh well I tried...never been much of a leader.
  3. oreos
    @marcy jade: it is? how come?
  4. Marcy Jade
    Marcy Jade
    Because people are hardly ever here and aarin has a policy about deleting groups that aren't being used.
  5. iLikeYou
    Lol your just like me. I'm 19 and in college too ^^
    Just went back to school today. I miss my 1week break. =(
  6. Berylcrazy
    Hi, ah Im not stressed or pressured, I just am depressed alot because I have no friends literly none not since Junior High after a acciant (breaking my foot) led to me becoming a social outcast and had lost most of my friends, I dont really have problems with talking it's just I never have the courge to talk to anyone and when I try and talk to people they just ignore me, All I want in life is at least one friend before die.
  7. iLikeYou
    I kind of need help. I'm being pressured to choose sides between my good friends. =(

    My friend, Amy and Eliza have been arguing about this guy that Amy use to date. Eliza is starting to date Amy's ex, Caleb and I simply hate Caleb because he is just a player in my eyes. Amy broke up with Caleb because he cheated on her and Eliza thinks Caleb is all changed and stuff, I dont believe it.

    Now Amy and Eliza are making me choose sides. It's choose one and lose the other one or lose both. There friends have chose sides except a few like me. =(

    I'm really in rings of fire. T-T
  8. Velstraph
    Greetings to all. This sounds like an interesting group and since I always feel better after helping others with their problems, this seems like the perfect place to get the therapy that keeps me'a'goin. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features a few years ago so I know what some of you may be going through.

    I will say that I have gotten much better and honestly enjoy my life quite a bit. Granted I have some problems, family beginning to disown me, but then again who doesn't?

    So this may seem like an odd request... but please bring your problems to me. Help me help you. *smiles*
  9. sudice
    do people post here anymore?
    anyway... i'm really stressed... and depressed... sick of ppl looking down on me or pitying me... argh. i've gone insane. i feel so pathetic. i think i really have to change or this feeling will keep haunting me..!
  10. Berylcrazy
    Hello you two! i thought this group was dead by now O.o
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