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  1. renaru
    i think we should have this thread... introduce yourself.. talk about your favorite character, and when you 'found' south park.

    i myself (and i am showing my age ^^') was sitting on my couch when the first ep first aired.. i am proud to admit i have been with the show since the first, and have never missed a new ep ^__^ *go me*

    how about you?
  2. synnesai
    Oh man...

    I remember watching the show when I was like 7...My parents watched it with me, but obviously, I didn't understand the underlying messages...

    I've always liked South Park, but only till a month ago have I started LIKING IT. You know ... 8D

    Anyways, my favorite character since I saw the show is Kenny 8D And it still is! (obviously...)

    But now I like Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Tweek, Butters, Craig...because of fanfics and drawings... xD OH! And Gregory and Ze Mole 8D AKA Cristoph (I learned recently that is how you spell his name too *o* Unless the subtitles are wrong...)

    Hee xD
  3. Edokun519
    I freakin' LOVE South Park. I've seen every episode (except episode 200 and 201 DX) at least once. <3

    My favorite characters are Cartman, Stan, Mr. Garrison and Butters.

    I love it because it's soooo politically incorrect. They politically correct the crap out of everything in the US, so it's awesome to watch a show that is quite flagrantly politically incorrect.

    I've loved South Park for five years, now, and I will continue to love it forever. <3
  4. renaru
    yaaaaay! welcome Edo! ^___^ we seem to have a lot of coolness in common xD
    wanna pick a character? huh? Huh?
  5. Edokun519
    Yessssss omg <3

    Um.. umm....... Stan! Can I be Stan?

    Mainly because I want Randy Marsh to be my dad
  6. renaru
    ha! i know right? i love randy! ok... Stan it is!
  7. blonde180246
    Hey guys South Park is my medicine, makes me feel good everytime I watch it and it's been 13 years already and it's hasn't lost it's pulling power and I love it hehe ... Britney with most of her face missing ... Night of the Homeless ... Somalian Pirates ... and the Tron-esque Facebook ep ... it's the best show hehe

    I don't even know which character I like more or would suit me best
  8. renaru
    honeypie! welcome to the group! :3 you are an almost perfect fit for butters! you are so sweet and cute and nya!
  9. ladygizarme
    So, dear renren, I can't resist.

    Also showing my age >_> I remember sitting right next to renaru on her couch to watch the very first South Park ep. I don't even think we knew it was going to be on, did we? Just turned on the TV and there it was and we were hooked from the start! Good times, dude, good times.

    My favorite characters... too many! The main 4, Tweek, Butters, Randy Marsh, and recently fanfics have made me love Craig and Christophe. XD

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch every ep, even though I want to. Occasionally my computer lets me watch the streaming videos but I'm still majorly behind. >_<

    Aaaand.. that's me. And I don't know if I should choose a character I'm most suited for. If I did it'd probably be Kyle but IDK.
  10. renaru
    yaaaaaaaay! welcome! ^____________^
    ahhh yes... we laughed as cartman got his anal probe didnt we?
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