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  1. blonde180246
    alone again maybe I should get out more, just might get to see Kenny ... or bump into Eric
  2. Dataxia
    Hey. My username is Dataxia but you can call me "D" or "Data" for short.

    I'm 19, and I LOVE South Park. Ever since I was young I would watch the show because it was a cartoon that made sense to me. Of course being young I couldn't get all the jokes, but SP still intrigued me. Now as i'm older I can appreciate SP a lot more.

    This year I stumbled apon SP slash on fanfic.net.

    I LOVE it. There aren't a lot of writers... though there are a lot of parings. I can say that the quality of writers for SP slash is at least 40%, if not more, better than Naruto anything. (And I'm a Narutard)

    I don't have a favorite character, as I adore each and every one, though I do have a favorite pairing. For some reason I am drawn to K2, Cyeman(Correct?), and DiP. The stories that I've read about each pairing are great so far. I'll be posting links to the stories in a few.

    Although, Damien is my most favorite character. DiP is my favourite SP pairing at the moment. Just thinking of all the obscene things that Damien will do to Phillip as they grow older... wonderful. Having a dark presence, weird eyebrows, and ungodly power is a boost, too. Though I love that he picks on PIP and uses him, only to appreciate him later. And come on, what harm did he really do to Pip?

    So yeah... you've just read five minutes into the psyche of a hormonal college student/yaoi fan girl.

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