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  1. Siren Xeno
    Siren Xeno
    *glances at Craig* Not yet.

    (I just get all crazy xD)
  2. Dragoness_blade
    -mumbles out a curse before slipping on my hat and going to the kitchen for some of Tweeks coffee-
    (you're both insane. Which is why we love ya!)
  3. blonde180246
    (it's a few minutes before morning here hehe)
    *wakes up, get up half asleep and walks to the bathroom*
  4. Dragoness_blade
    -comes back after drinking coffee for almost nine hours, wide awake and looking for my Tweekers-
  5. renaru
    *walks in, shaking, and looks around. Nobody is here, so i sit and curl up on the couch, closing my eyes*
  6. Dragoness_blade
    -walks in after brushing my teeth, getting a new cup of coffee and changing my pants. I sit down next to Tweek and nudge him with my toes- Hey. -holds out my cup- want some?
  7. renaru
    GAH! *wakes and looks at Craig, my mind not awake* h..huh?
  8. Dragoness_blade
    -sips the coffee cup, and holds it out again- want some? made it with a bit of chocolate.
  9. renaru
    *smiles and takes it, sipping* mmm y..you are pretty good a...at that.
  10. blonde180246
    *enjoying a hot bath* aah ... wish Kenneh was here
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