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  1. sweetlife
    So sorry for being early to claim but late to the intro party XD

    My name is sweetlife and I'm a South Park Addict. I have been off the wagon for 13 years as well, but I will age myself a bit by saying I was in high school when the show debuted, we watched the first episodes on VCR at a HS sleep over in the gym...not sure if the teachers/chaperones knew the content but that was the best use of the wrestling room ever
    So I claimed place as Token, cause he along with so many other characters show the sharp wit of Trey and Matt...layering social commentary and gross out humor makes this show brilliant...plus it feeds my animation demon XP
    I love how Token seems to know better but never really removes himself from the stupidity around him...I'm living my life that way as well XD
  2. renaru
    ahhh awesome ^_^ you are just a bit younger than me... and yeah... i agree... Token is good for that.. and i kinda think, in the later seasons...Craig really does the same.. he knows whats gonna happen, but he just doesnt seem to care.
  3. synnesai
    Like in the fish sticks episode...

    "Just give him half..."

    Craig knows best 8D
  4. renaru
    Craig knows best <3 and in the Elementary school musical... when someone says 'where have you been?' He says "Peru" xD i love him...
  5. blonde180246
    *gives Kenneh an innocent smile and peeks him on the cheek*
  6. synnesai
    Lmao oh Peru!! "I can't go to Peru!" "we're sorry , our friend was raped there..." Indiana jones x3 I love how they reference back to other episodes

    Heh heh -kisses butters cheek- 8D
  7. blonde180246
    daawww shucks hehe
    ooooo the Indiana Jones ep was on last night
  8. renaru
    yeah, i like how some things revert back every ep... (i.e. kenny being alive again) but sometimes you see things again. its awesome.
  9. Dragoness_blade
    My name is D.B. and I've been in love with south park for...about 12 years? I think? I remember watching it when I was about 9, and I'm going to be 22 soon, so, yeah about 12 years.
    My favorite characters are Kenny and Kyle. I always had this morbid fascination with the way Kenny always died and every time I watched an episode I would think to myself; "How is he going to die this time?"
    Also, for some strange reason, I have come to understand almost everything he says while most of my friends go, "Whaa? I didn't get that." ^^
    Stan is just awesome in my opinion. He's pretty down to earth and likes to puke in pretty girls faces.
    But recently, I have found myself drawn to Craig. He and I are one in the same. We both have this habit of flipping people off even if it's not for any real reason. He and I both share the same kind of temperament I think. And while he can be nice, he will almost always do something to ruin it.
    SO! for that reason, I claim Craig.
  10. synnesai
    Ren...I have found your Craig :]

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