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  1. Siren Xeno
    Siren Xeno
    *half smiles* Your leetle f*ggot just zere. 'ave you a problem?
  2. Dragoness_blade
    -growls lowly in my throat- Look whose calling the kettle black! If i remember correctly, wasn't it you who was shacking up with that british b!tch boy Gregory in the boys bathroom last year? You f*cking french freak.
  3. synnesai
    ...Hey! I resent that mark!
  4. Siren Xeno
    Siren Xeno
    *smirks* Jealous of my prowess?
  5. renaru
    *trembles against Craig* n..no!
  6. blonde180246
    ah shucks fellers, let's not fight now, right before we were gonna ... *blushes* *turns to look at Kenny ... he disappeared* Kenneh, where'd you go
  7. Siren Xeno
    Siren Xeno
    *stares at butters* Ees zere no end to all you whiny f*ggots?
  8. renaru
    GAH! B..butters.. he's back from the dead. *tugs my hair* ACK!
  9. Dragoness_blade
    -huggles my Tweek- I didn't know he was dead.
  10. renaru
    *kisses Craig* well... when Gregory came, kenny died :3
    then kenny was reborn
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